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WiFi Solutions

WiFi Solutions are a mandatory requirement for most of the business. It provides flexibility of networking the devices without the complexity of cabling. Wifi also provides a clean infrastructure.

There are many types of wifi solutions available such as Guest wifi solutions, outdoor WiFi that cover a larger area, indoor WiFi and managed WiFi solutions. Advanced wifi solutions may be cloud-managed.

In the current market, there are many hardware that communicates directly over WiFi and does not require any intermediate controller such as WiFi printer, WiFi storage devices etc.

wifi solutions

Key Features

  • Managed Wifi– Manage your wifi router remotely to keep control over your network.

  • Guest wifi solution – Allcad provides solutions for guest wifi, these are used in restaurants, malls, and other public places.

  • Range extenders – We will analyze the site and see for dead spots for wifi connection. Appropriate devices will be installed to achieve consistent wifi connection throughout the space.

WiFi Solutions Advantages

Wifi router

Clean Infrastructure

Get rid of all the wires and connect your peripherals to wifi. We can provide solutions where your cameras, printers, scanners, storage devices are all connected via wifi and available to your users.

Secure Network

All CAD can help in making your WIFI network secure by using methods such as MAC ID filtering, WAP2 protocols. We can also create a separate network for temporary or guest users and assign a different security policy.



Display advertising to your customers before they connect to the network. This can help in upselling your items in places such as restaurants, bars etc.

Data gathering

Data Gathering

AllCAD can help in configuring your Guest wifi solution where the users would be required to login with social accounts of facebook, twitter or their email address. This data can then be used for email marketing with the user’s consent.

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