Why Customer Success is the Driving Engine for Growth: Overview

//Why Customer Success is the Driving Engine for Growth: Overview

Why Customer Success is the Driving Engine for Growth: Overview

Retention, income expansion, and volatility. When they are mentioned in any business environment, the response of the crowd is always consistent. A thriving company says it depends on a satisfied customer. This is a typical example of causality. In fact, if you are not satisfied, you will not succeed.

But success should not be each other?

Are we not trying to achieve the same goal?

According to Merriam-Webster, this is what makes sense.

First, we have introduced the experience economy. Then the experience economy motivates us to be customer-centric. It’s not enough to have a fascinating experience and customer satisfaction. The form has changed, the term has evolved, and we are looking for new concepts.

Products, solutions and results

“Customers pay results without paying for the product”. The idea of ​​Unbounce customer success director Jonas Stanford is unforgettable. What do you mean by that? More importantly, how do you know what your customers expect?

The result fundamentally describes the solution to the problem.

Suppose you need a working phone. Can you wait a week or so to get the model you want? Or would you go to the nearest supplier and buy something for the first time? What if the salesman is offended? What if you can’t set up your phone yourself?

The product itself is not a solution. Instead, the solution is the goal that needs to be achieved – fast and without hassle – to achieve the goal – the phone needs to be fully available when needed.

Combined with the necessary results and the right experience, you can ensure a successful customer journey when necessary. The process of finding, learning, adopting, and using products that make a solution valuable when a product proposes a solution. And there should be no friction.

Customer success definition

Whether it’s a frictionless process or a pleasant experience, the process from problem to solution is just a typical buyer journey. In order to get rid of the stage of consciousness and make the final decision, your audience must create countless touch points for your brand. Marketing, sales, onboarding and customer support are just the main intersections.

If you only have one of them fails, then this prospect will bring the first change.

For this reason, the simplest definition of customer success is to achieve the desired results through multiple points of contact with the company, while the “expected results” describe the desired results and the appropriate experience, while “multiple touch points” are in each importance of both is provided in one step.

The difference between support and success

In this definition, the customer’s success clearly exceeds the customer’s support. The second requirement increases satisfaction with a particular request, while the first requirement is more focused. This is the success story of a successful company, which is why we demand differentiation.

If success is the responsibility of support, customers rarely receive it.

There are some practical examples. You can contact your mobile phone’s support team in real time to learn how to chat and install the video conferencing app. Within 1 minute, the agent will provide a detailed step-by-step instructions link. An effective solution, but the desired result?

If you contact the customer success team with the same questions, they will provide you with additional information. Instead of thinking that you need it, the agent provides expert advice about the application you are trying to install and a better alternative solution in the long run.

It’s like selling without immediate profit.

Customer success is a long-term relationship, not a one-time solution. For a long time, companies have been seeking to train customer support staff to provide reliable solutions for technical issues, expert guidance and consulting.

As the two continue to evolve into separate practices, it is clear that one stone and two birds are not the customer’s biggest concern. It is successful for you and your customers because it tends to require immediate support and ongoing care.

Employment success in the new era: Why is it important?

Why do you need such theoretical accuracy when all savvy entrepreneurs know the path to success and the interaction with satisfied customers? Customer success is not a new idea. This is a fact. The only difference is that we can develop a framework that we can trust because we have defined it.

The age has also changed.

Today’s customers are not customers in the past 10 years or a year ago. As we speak, the changing climate of the digital world presents new challenges. Everything is in the hands of current customers, and only adaptation can survive. Customer success is critical to this.

  • Subscription economy

There is a simple lesson that explains what we want to convey in history. Customer success begins with technology in the SaaS business. This is because the SaaS business is beginning to feel that winter is coming. The model they use depends on the company’s ability to actively renew contracts with customers. Even if you are not satisfied, just ignore the monthly fee and click the Cancel button.

The fact that a single point of contact represents a favorable customer relationship and volatility is terrible, but it is. In order to keep what they get, modern businesses must constantly improve and regain customer loyalty. In a world where the barriers to competing products and services no longer exist, customer success is the best opportunity we can have.

  • Butter manufacturers are the key.

In addition, the decisive impact on the company’s overall profitability is exactly the same as the cancellation rate. If active customers continue to leave, most companies have little or no time and money to invest in protecting customers. The best scenario will eventually change. Conversely, focusing on reducing sales that lead to customer disruptions, companies with high customer success rates can not only realize their full revenue potential, but also grow faster.

  • Modern customers

It has been repeatedly proven that customers should not be underestimated today. When everything is in your hands, it’s not surprising that the control is effective. If you want a digital millennium, the customers we are dealing with are simply lacking information.

Continuous improvement is required whenever different time zones require different measurements. Skilled customers have a huge choice. The only thing is to compare and point your fingers. If they are not prepared, active and persuasive, they will replace them with a single click.

  • Recommended warranty

Finally, customer success is the only guarantee of recommendation. If the service is normal, the customer will applaud. If your experience is satisfying but memorable, it will be difficult to remember to mention your name.

But if you get the results you want at every step of the product, not just the products, but you think you are doing what you are doing, and they are happy and successful, they are happy to recommend others to you.

Is it best to start with the treatment you want to treat your clients? Achieving significant success rather than conceptual happiness. After all, they are just people who seek friendly results. You can illuminate the road at every intersection on the go.

Next time, we will discuss in detail how to build a successful customer success team, so stay tuned.

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