Why Collaborative Project Management is the Way of the Future

//Why Collaborative Project Management is the Way of the Future

Why Collaborative Project Management is the Way of the Future

Collaboration has always been an important part of project management, but complex projects and decentralized teams have turned to collaborative project management as an alternative to traditional project management structures.

Developing custom software, such as Bitrix24, with tools designed to support collaboration makes it easier for your business to leverage collaborative project management processes.

What is collaborative project management?

Unlike traditional top-down project management, responsibility and management of planning, execution, and delivery tasks are distributed and shared across the project team.

Using this collaborative approach has solved one of the biggest criticisms of classic project management methods – requiring all information and communication to pass through a single resource (project manager).

The characteristics of collaborative project management

Unlike traditional project management that builds formal processes and systems, there is no standard way to implement collaborative project management.

In other words, all successful collaborative project management efforts have several characteristics in common.

Functional ownership

Every stakeholder involved in the project sits on the table from start to finish. From senior management to project managers and other employees, the entire team contributes to decision making and execution.

With Bitrix24, team members can provide and discuss ideas through real-time communication tools (instant messaging, video, group chat or video sharing sessions).

In addition to the various project teams and geographic boundaries of the functional team, Bitrix24 provides real-time communication essential for effective collaboration.

Control loop

Complex projects are divided into small working groups. So you can see the entire project in an integrated way, but team members have workspaces to collaborate, depending on project features, departments or roles.

Bitrix24 supports this feature by providing workgroups. Use a virtual community of project management tools such as tasks and calendars to communicate via workgroup chat and save all relevant information in a group document library.

Open and transparent

All team members always have access to information and data related to the project. This includes not only the available documentation, but also the centralized location for communicating and updating individual activities.

Since everyone knows the scope and goals of the project, it is important to be responsible for tracking the progress of the project so that it can be delivered on time and on budget.

Bitrix24 is a project management tool: through a powerful file management system that facilitates this (eg, Gantt charts, task-related, task manager’s credentials, etc.), user-selected, and all users have access to all files.

Why is collaboration better than the traditional model?

In the traditional top-down approach to project management, the main project manager is at the top of the process and is responsible for the success of the project.

When other team members provide feedback on their expertise, the project manager will be responsible for project planning and monitoring the execution of team members and monitoring their progress, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Even with the most collaborative project managers, this top-down approach limits communication and thought sharing between teams. Traditionally, traditional methods rely on old-fashioned toolbars that reflect the one-to-one and “closed” nature. This gives team members the vision of a tunnel, focusing on their responsibilities, without knowing how they fit into the project’s ambitious projects.

Technology changes, the use of remote resources in increasingly different geographic locations, and increasingly complex projects, the team is committed to providing tool-dependent top-down methods and tools.

Agile methods are rapidly evolving now, because the company is on the project, and when necessary, it is not necessary to decide on the internal and external factors to wait for a project manager’s instructions to be adopted, and the team is ready to respond.

The specific benefits of collaborative project management over existing methods depend on the nature of individual projects, but collaborative project management can bring about common benefits.

Promote team support

Instead of focusing on the tasks assigned to team members, you should focus on the entire process through collaborative project management. When team members have this level of ownership, they see their role in the context of the entire project, improving performance.

Bitrix24 provides users with a “social network” within the project management platform. By providing all team members with insight into the activities of others, this effectively strengthens the commitment to the entire project, not the commitment to a single profession.

Save time and effort.

By teaming up and making decisions throughout the project lifecycle, you can save time and effort in creating formal documentation related to project management.

These documents are often used as a tool to communicate project requirements and updates. Collaborative project management encourages open communication, so you don’t need any documentation at all, or you can achieve the same goal with a minimal lean version.

Increase productivity

Collaborative management processes are not responsible for most team members, but use the skills and time required to more efficiently distribute and distribute work to team members.

Bitrix24 has a built-in “Employee Workload Management” tool that makes it easy to identify the most appropriate team members and assign tasks. Time tracking and automatic monthly reporting allow you to optimize your team’s productivity.

Improve communication

Collaborative project management focuses on clear and open communication channels between all team members and the centralized location of this communication, making it easier for team members to improve communication efficiency and efficiency.

By providing teams with easy-to-use real-time communication tools on Bitrix24, team members can use a single integrated tool to provide all the forms of communication required for collaboration.

Promote innovation

With full access to data and ownership of employees, individual team members can accept new ideas and develop innovative solutions to their problems.

Providing real-time communication to team members in different disciplines does not challenge people’s preconceptions and is trapped in the echo room. Because Bitrix24 is easy to collaborate on documents, it’s easy to get feedback from team members or start a discussion.

Why do I need the right tools?

The benefits of collaborative project management are obvious, but there are unique barriers to implementing a successful collaborative project management strategy.

All members of the team are less likely to accept formal or informal project management training. There are differences in knowledge and management skills between experienced team members and other employees.

As remote teams become more and more used in many places, there is another difficulty. Team members with geographically deviated hinder effective collaboration because it makes it harder for everyone to make the necessary contributions to the process.

The best way to overcome these obstacles is to use Bitrix24, which is designed to improve team collaboration and project management.

Use a single platform for all communication, project management and related document access, making it easier for your team to facilitate effective project collaboration.


Effective cooperation is not only the best practice of project management, but also the competitive advantage of our world.

By adopting an effective collaborative project management approach, you can successfully complete projects on time and on budget.

Complex projects of large teams from different regions will not appear. Fortunately, you only need to find the right tool for you.

Bitrix24 is a free online project management solution that includes unlimited projects, tasks and subtasks. Time tracking, such as group chat and video conferencing, task automation workflow, Gantt chart, document management and task collaboration tools.


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