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Virtualization Solutions

virtualization solutions

Virtualization is the creation of virtual rather than physical entities of things such as operating system, storage systems, servers and network resources. A simple example is the partition of harddrive into partitions such as C: and D:, in this a single hard drive exist but two virtual drives are created.

How it works ?

One of the primary use of virtualization is in Server Virtualization, it uses software such as Hyper-V to emulate the underlying hardware resource. Multiple operating systems can be on the same physical machines, the user of the system usually cannot notice any difference in the system. This allows for greater flexibility of resource allocation as per requirement.


Virtualization Types

Network Virtualization


This a method in which the available resource in the network is split as per the requirement. The network bandwidth is split into channels that are easy to maintain.

Storage Virtualization

This a process in which all the available physical storage is presented in a logical view which appears to be a single pool of storage.This helps in storage task such as backup and restore easily and in lesser time.

Desktop Virtualization


This is a process of virtualizing the workstation of computers. This allows users to access desktops remotely using thin clients at their desk.This makes workstations portable as the users are just accessing a remote resource.ser time.

Application Virtualization


This is the process of abstracting the application later form the OS. This can allow an application to run on any system irrespective of the operating system underneath it.

Advantage of Virtualization



For companies fewer than 1,000 employees up to 40 percent of IT budget is spent on hardware. Purchasing servers would be a good amount of this cost. Using Virtualization techniques fewer servers are required and lesser energy load.


Disaster are swift and unexpected. Virtualization makes recovery much swifter and accurate, requiring lesser manpower and fraction of
equipment – it’s all virtual.



Start small, Go Big. Weather your IT requirement is small scale or looking to
expand into a multi-branch office. You can be assured that resources can be easily scaled up or down as per requirement. There is no need to redesign the network with new servers and devices


Going into virtual environment can make everyone’s job easier – especially your IT staff. Virtualization provides easier route for IT staff to maintain, upgrade, update and maintain a more secure network



Cloud computing is a huge implementation of virtualization
enabling employees to collaborate and share documents from where ever they are.



Many times companies require servers to test out new technology / deploy some applications in an isolated environment. Without virtualization this would mean purchasing new servers and going though all the steps of
purchase, installation, deployment and maintenance.