8 Ways to Implement Time Attendance System in Dubai

//8 Ways to Implement Time Attendance System in Dubai

8 Ways to Implement Time Attendance System in Dubai

In order to accurately track the time and attendance of employees, the days when punch/clocks where only option are long gone. Now, employees can access their records in a variety of ways, and managers can analyze time, schedule, and evaluate employee costs in a variety of Time Attendance System in Dubai.

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The range of options include the simple DIY solutions to cutting-edge time attendance system in Dubai – with different cost and implementation scope of each option. Our article looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

  1. Pencil and paper or spreadsheet

During their first or second year, small businesses can use the manual time attendance system in Dubai. The word processor can create a simple timeline and print it out for use by employees. Alternatively, you can create a spreadsheet on a centralized computer that employees visit when they arrive and leave. Shared spreadsheets can be complex or simple as needed. Experienced technicians can make formulas and macros to track time, generate PTOs, and change availability. To improve accessibility, you can share spreadsheets with Google Drive/documents or other cloud-based systems.

The best solution is using the “Track Changes” in Google Docs. With this method, you can check the accuracy of entries and see only the changes made by employees. That is, the spreadsheet lets employees know when they made changes to the shared spreadsheet and what changes they made on the worksheet. Therefore, when an employee enters a friend’s business hours, it is easy to see who made the change and when. One thing to note is that employees can access spreadsheets from anywhere, not just at work.

The difficulty with many manual methods is that it takes time and has no accuracy. Employees may start to distrust executives to record their working hours, and executives may suspect that employees are calling each other or entering the wrong details. Without real responsibility, the company cannot solve its own problems.

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  1. Clock hardware

The clock is another option for the attendance machine. This option can be very cheap. A simple entry-level clock can be purchased for less than $100. At this price, you can purchase an independent watch that accurately records your thumb. As the budget grows, there is a stronger system on the market.

As the business expands, the clock can improve. Today’s hardware-based time attendance system in Dubai doesn’t allow friends to record friends’ time, because fingerprint scanning or photo verification can record employees’ working hours. The advanced system and multiple clocks can handle time cards for up to 500 employees. All hardware can be networked via LAN, WAN, VPN or WEB. When paying staff salaries, you can access time and attendance data from your PC and export it to the .csv file in the payroll processor.

Of course, the hardware system may be corrupted and will soon become obsolete.

  1. Badge system and keyfobs

Employee badges and keyfobs provide employees with an opportunity to register for their working hours. All they have to do is shake the badge or strap in front of the pad. Of course, this is still a headache, and whenever employees lose keyfobs or badges, they open up the possibility of overlapping each other. Or it may be stolen. Fortunately, this happens less frequently than we worry, and it’s a good idea to redistribute substitutes for employees.

Badges and keyfobs can be used for other purposes such as an access control system. You can encode these devices so that employees can access specific areas and limit other areas in the building. The project keyboard can be configured to allow or disallow items at a specific time.

  1. Biometric and fingerprint identification system

Biometric and fingerprint recognition systems have become popular. Employees can clock-in by scanning their fingerprints or the system can take a picture when they arrive. Hand geometry is another important aspect of biometrics.

Employees can simply enter the clock hardware by scanning their hands. No need to remember the keychain or password. Employees can place their hands in the scanning area and clock in immediately. It eliminates the need of removing small bandages or rinse the soil. The solution is easy to manage and is especially suitable for people with disabilities.

  1. Time clock from POS

For restaurants and retailers, the natural solution is to integrate time and attendance systems into POS devices. Your employees can transition to an order in time. You can also distribute messages to individuals, entire teams, or specific parts of a team. For example, you can inform your kitchen staff that the supply will arrive later than usual, or can inform an employee that his leave has been approved.

This integration is also beneficial for management. It’s easier to create a plan when you access time and attendance information at the same time as the sales number. It can be used for last year’s digital shift, and you can put the biggest seller on the floor to maximize profits.

  1. Clock-in from computer

Integrating time attendance system in Dubai into employee computers is a good solution for working in an office environment. Employees can track their commutes, schedule reviews, deadlines, PTOs, benefits and other HR issues.

If employees are not on the same workstation every day, you can use personal code to access time tracking software. You can also combine biometrics to eliminate “friend punching”. When these solutions are connected to the network, employees can access them regardless of their connection to the Internet.

  1. Mobile systems

Employees must have their own mobile device. Employees can easily and efficiently use their smartphones clock-in.

As a result, employees can have a geometric software system that includes features designed to better perform monitoring functions, and administrators can check the location the employee has logged in from. Employees will enjoy the ability to seamlessly integrate clock programs and minimum hardware requirements while traveling. You will find that they arrive at the job on time.

  1. All-in-on Time Attendance System

If you are a business with a variety of staff working in different environments is a very useful time and attendance system for a variety of platforms. This way, the construction workers can use their mobiles to log-in, the managers can use their computers to log-in and sales people can use their mobiles or laptops to register the attendance.

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Time attendance system in Dubai does not have a strict hardware configuration, which can easily solve the problem of rushing. Employees also appreciate their access to personnel records, requests for off-hours, and the ability to assess various welfare statuses. These solutions are all cloud-based and thus can be easily updated and improved regularly by the manufacturer.

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