The Most Essential Rules of Customer Service Communication

//The Most Essential Rules of Customer Service Communication

The Most Essential Rules of Customer Service Communication

Customer success depends on many factors. Your product not only meets the customer’s expectations, but all brand touch points are soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, we can’t overcome the human factor, every company has to deal with unexpected mistakes, complaints and grumpy customers. This includes customer service communications. It is like adhesive, verbal or written, marking all the differences between complaints and success.

We have prepared a list of rules that Bitrix24‘s successful team uses to communicate with customers. Some of them may have heard of us, but we also shared our “secret” gems. This rule applies to all human interactions and enables effective communication and balanced customer service communication across all companies.

Be an active listener.

Active listening is undoubtedly one of the most important assistive technologies, because desperate customers want to hear about it. First, it’s a good idea to completely focus on your customers by eliminating all interference. Then, listen to what you have to say and repeat in the form of questions. The interpretation clarifies the customer’s information and indicates the customer’s concerns. Do not assume, ask and confirm.

Make it fast and professional.

Be careful when asking questions. Since the customer’s time is the key, it is not possible to have a long question and answer. Because you need to know all about the product and all the information about the customer, don’t ask for information that you can get.

Always keep looping.

If someone has to get help from others, don’t you want to stay in the loop? Are you sometimes worried? I brought peace of mind. This is why it is important to update regularly. They provide relief, not troubles.

Use a positive language

Yes, the success of your interaction with your customers depends on your mood. You can hardly do anything. However, there is enough to do. By replacing negative statements with positive statements, we are changing the overall view of the dialogue.

Of course, this is especially important if the news is not good. If I say that I can’t, can’t, or can’t use it, you will fail. However, he wrote the same statement honestly. However, the positive discourse I might find is, can I do it, it will be the music of their ears.

More than exceeded

This has always broadened the slang for customers and improved the quality of interpersonal interaction in various ways. Show you that you care about your customers and keep your brand forever.

Don’t forget your feedback.

Bill Gates said: “Your most unfortunate customers know you best.” Customer feedback can help you measure satisfaction and improve service and products, whether it is enjoyable or not.

Never make a promise that you can’t keep.

Why are you doing this? You may endanger the integrity of the company and you may lose your job. However, this temptation is hard to resist. A huge commitment can easily turn an unsatisfied customer into a happy person and solve all problems. Try to avoid problems – Violation of commitments will make your customers and legal needs more complaints.

Prohibit the use of terms

The general rule of thumb is to speak when the customer speaks. We can solve problems in a formal way using methods other than technical terms, but it does not seem admirable or calm. This is simply not possible! Choose a conversation instead of a letter and keep it simple and tidy.

Describe and use your brand terms and conditions consistently.

But we can’t avoid brand conditions, but it’s perfect. Since the product has its own language, we recommend that you use certain terms to refer to tools and features. Full explanation and consistent use of brand terminology can easily help new users.

Neutralize the customer’s defense response.

We are human beings. Some of the shortcomings of the product, various levels of understanding, and even customer errors can lead to their defensive response. It killed constructive discussions and closed the door to positive results. First of all, don’t fight the fire. There are several techniques that can help offset the defense response. The easiest way is to change your mind. Compare the two answers: “I can’t help you because you can’t explain the problem correctly” and “I really appreciate if you can explain the problem in more detail.” If the customer doesn’t feel threatened (real or virtual), then the conversation It is even more open.

Save words, use screenshots

This photo is worth a thousand words. With good screenshots or short screen actors, you can explain intangible products and complex programs with just a few clicks. Fast, convenient and very easy.

Send proofs before sending

If you use live chat or email as a communication channel, you must correct all text before sending it. Always check the message for factual errors, grammar, spelling errors, and consistency.

I have always been grateful for their trust.

Thank you for not regretting. Even if the customer’s feedback is harsh, it has nothing to do with turning another cheek. Thank you. You are a profound person who goes very far in personal and professional interactions. The customer service translation is as follows. – Thank you for choosing us, we will never break the trust. Oh, we are very happy to hear from you again.

Always very happy to hear. No?

Without good communication, you don’t have a good relationship, so keep working hard. Maybe you need some practice and time, maybe you need patience. But in the end, it creates enthusiasm for the same thing – listening, acknowledging and understanding in the hearts of every customer. Sooner or later I will look for unlocking words.

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