The Future of Workforce Management: HR Evolution in 2019

//The Future of Workforce Management: HR Evolution in 2019

The Future of Workforce Management: HR Evolution in 2019

IBM research shows that the most successful CEOs view employees as an integral part of their organizational innovation strategy. They also understand that future trends and technologies provide an extraordinary opportunity for business development. Every company that clearly wants to succeed must adapt to the trend, including human resource trends.

So what will the human resources industry look like in 2019? Significant changes in human resources will be attributed to technology. Technology confuses every business area. It is time for HR. Marketers have been trying to decipher consumer data, but HR managers face the same data from candidates and employees. Digital will infiltrate recruitment, performance appraisal and training processes.

In 2019, the HR department will become more efficient, agile, and employee-centric. The following are the main trends.

  1. Insightful headhunting

Headhunting always has a negative meaning. But real talent is rare and companies must fight for it. In 2019, HR professionals will use new weapons in their mind-cutting chase. Social media will be a powerful tool in the battle of A-listers.

Social media will help HR professionals understand the weaknesses of A-lister. Is his position very happy now? Are they looking for career changes? Recruiters must accommodate new data channels to maximize efficiency. Finding and contacting contacts is easier. On the other hand, companies that train talents need to work harder to maintain a knowledgeable workforce.

  1. Virtual team

It all started with the digital nomads, but now it seems that the entire workforce is turning to digital work and life. Employees usually work and work from home using the nearest Wi-Fi. The company does not care who this person is and what the person brings.

With this trend, HR professionals can recruit people from all over the world. Having such a wide range of candidates will help the HR industry. In addition, the burden of making employees happy in a virtual team depends primarily on the employees, so the HR department can focus more on recruiting.

  1. Gamification (using the game during the employment process)

The recruitment process is boring. Both candidates and employers are full of pressure and uncertainty. Fortunately, things are changing and hiring managers are starting to adopt innovative and interesting employment strategies.

Gamification refers to transforming a challenging experience into an interactive practice of collecting data and providing entertainment. Gamification has stimulated the language learning industry. Now HR is experiencing the same changes. In 2019, employers will use the game as an initial screening to test additional factors in the validation and decision making process.

  1. More human resources and total human resources

In 1966, David Ulrich wrote a book on human resource transformation. He wants the HR manager to be a full member of the leadership team. His second part of the forecast for the HR industry is an employee-centric approach. Unfortunately, only the first part is true. As talent becomes the most important factor in a company’s success, HR managers are closer to management to better understand their business goals. But doing so will keep human resources away from employees.

In 2019, the human resources department will pay more attention to the happiness of employees. This means providing basic needs, caring for the mental health of employees, sympathizing every day, acting as a mediator and encouraging internal social networks.

  1. Focus on productivity and collaboration

Today, we focus on productivity. We hope to get more work and acquire skills as soon as possible. Work standards have also improved. If you can’t do your best in a business environment, you must always drive innovation. Collaboration helps maintain standards and innovation through continuous feedback and improved loops.

HR professionals should provide the tools to maximize the HR department’s desire to hire people with common skills. As technology quickly replaces work, employees are most valuable to handle a variety of tasks and move quickly from one location to another.

And in 2019, HR managers will improve productivity. By implementing best-in-class HR solutions, HR managers can achieve better results in building and deploying a corporate culture.

  1. Robot Automation of Human Resources Procedures and Document Processes

Automation is a mandatory item because it is no longer optional. The HR department is responsible for a variety of tasks, most of which relies on work-oriented workflows. Applications, resumes, training, schedules, recommendations, pay stubs – all processes are easily automated so HR departments can focus more on true face-to-face communication with employees and candidates.

In 2019, automation for the success of human resources in the recruitment and retention of employees will be automated. CEOs and talented employees value personalized approaches more than ever and expect HR managers to use the latest HR information systems and to focus on the human side of the business and automate all of the repetitive tasks.

  1. Agile recruitment

Agile is a software project management process that creates products step by step, not all products at once. In a typical cycle of agile processes, a project is divided into several stages, each stage being processed individually. Once the feature is available, you will enter the evaluation phase and return to the team for the next step.

Agile recruitment is no exception. In 2019, the recruitment process will be faster and more effective. Candidates do not undergo a large recruitment process, but are employed and tested on the spot. The HR manager coordinates staffing for weeks after commencing work to ensure that they are appropriate.

Last word

Technology confuses many industries and businesses. Even human-centered areas such as human resources are undergoing rapid changes. Technology is replacing employment, but it places more emphasis on human values. In 2019, it’s important to automate processes, simplify the hiring process, and focus on productivity. As the New Year approaches, businesses that clearly ignore the trends in the human resources sector will take away their skilled workforce. As a result, you must be immediately aware of these changes and be ready to implement them.

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