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Security Fears in the field of Biometrics

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In order to highlight the concept of Biometrics Security Fears, one needs to answer the following questions: What is biometrics? What biometric information is being captured during the enrolment process? How is this information communicated to a centralised point? Where is this information being kept? What measures are in place to safeguard the biometric information being [...]

Top 10 information security management systems for enterprises

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The modern IT infrastructure that we know today has evolved a lot in past few years. We can now purchase easily with many storage capacities and high speed high performance processor computers. Centralized, distributed, focus shifted to network computing. All of these developments have grown, as we relaxed the way of business, causing many enterprise information [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless CCTV cameras

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It is no surprise that the wireless cctv cameras have been invented and it has been released to the current market for the continued development of CCTV technology. They are attracting more and more people's attention. CCTV cameras are very demanding for government goals, to reduce the country's crime rate. People are currently confused what type [...]