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Structured Cabling

AllCAD – Keeping your cabling solution organized and scalable

Structured Cabling in Dubai

AllCAD Solutions is a professional and experienced Dubai cable company that provides the end-to-end structured cabling solutions needed to provide multimedia systems for voice, data and video signals as well as business and IT environments.

As a leading network cabling company in Dubai that provides structured wiring in Dubai, our goal is to allow customers to improve the performance of network systems, stably support the day-to-day operations of IT infrastructure, and reduce interference with the network It is to help you to be able to.

Advanced structured cabling in Dubai’s commercial space

Simplified network and excellent structural cable is a fundamental element, smooth operation is the basis of work related to digital information technology, in particular. Once it is completed correctly, you can provide the flexibility necessary for business growth.

AllCAD Solutions recognizes the importance of an appropriate network system, and as one of Dubai’s leading optical fiber cable providers, it has a powerful network infrastructure that can respond to customers’ needs and make maximum use of network infrastructure. We can support you to design solutions that can build structures, integrated communication and network infrastructure.

Our services:

* Audio, data, video, service, communication cable

* Network design and installation

* Fiber optic cable setting

* Wireless LAN installation and upgrade

* Design and engineering

* Project management

In addition to solving your current network problems, we develop structured cabling solutions and systems that can predict future needs so that they can adapt to changing IT environments. We design, install and implement all these solutions for you.

Excellent structured cabling solutions

AllCAD Solutions consists of expert experts in the field of structured cabling and optical fiber installation. These cable experts provide innovative solutions meeting high quality and efficient standards.

Each project is treated with the greatest commitment and interest of detail regardless of size. If you are installing new low voltage data or upgrading the voice system to an existing structured wiring system, AllCAD Solutions can provide the service.


In the current buildings and offices network cables are used to transfer data between many network devices such as routers, network storage devices, IP phones, and cameras. AllCAD provides the service of accessing, installing and maintaining the entire cabling infrastructure. We provide our services across UAE.

Structured cabling is the backbone of any network so we make sure that the cables are properly tested and layed out for maintenance purposes.As we are located in Dubai you can rely on us for resolving any issues.

Our Guarantee 

  • On time delivery.

  • Quality delivery and products.

  • On-demand support

  • Maintainable solution

Structured Cabling Benefits

Structured cabling

Stay Organized

Structured cabling is organized and easy to use, thus removing the traditional messy wiring systems, use the special sockets for appropriate devices.

Server maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Structured cabling can be easily moved and installed. Whether its moving desk or moving entire office, the systems just need to be connected to appropriate connections and the system can be usable again. This flexibility saves a lot of money and time.

cabling fault detection

Fault Detection And Prevention

A well designed structured cabling helps in easier fault detection as the network can be segmented into blocks that as more manageable.At AllCAD we follow standardized procedures so faults can be detected easily.