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Queue Management Solutions

Keep your customers happy and staff efficient with our queue management solutions.

Why Queue Management?

AllCAD provides the latest and advanced queue management systems in Dubai. Queue management helps in keeping your customer happy and performance of employees high. Queue management systems are popular in hospitals, government offices and restaurants in Dubai.

Key features

  • Virtual Queuing – Customers can make an appointment online via the website and receive notification on their mobile. Once the service is complete they can also rate the service

  • Queue Length – Customers can check the length of the queue ahead of them. They also get the estimated waiting time.

  • Waiting time – Assess the waiting time of customers and optimize the counters for more efficient operations in your company.

IP PBX , PBAX Advantages


Scalable Solution

Can be used for interoffice communication or intraoffice communication, thus keeping your offices connected at a very low cost.


Lower Cost

IP PBX solutions are deployed on the same network as your computers and other devices. Additional wiring is not required thus lowering your infrastructure costs.

Customer satisfaction

Increased Business Productivity

Increase the productivity of your staff by providing integration of your phone system to your Customer Management System.

Better productivity

Increase in Efficiency 

Receive reports of how well your staff is engaged, this is crucial in maintaining optimal staff strength for customer happiness.

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