Project planning 101 – planning tools, templates, methodologies explained

//Project planning 101 – planning tools, templates, methodologies explained

Project planning 101 – planning tools, templates, methodologies explained

As you know, Bitrix24 is the third-largest free online project management solution for millions of companies and individuals worldwide. However, you should plan your project before management. The sound is simple and not.

Well, that’s right. Not at the same time. Let us now talk about project planning templates, tools and methods. By the way, if you are lucky, you can use it for free in Bitrix24.

  1. Project schedule

The project calendar template is like what they say. When you join a Bitrix24 project or workgroup, you can access the project plan on the Schedule tab. You can change the calendar grid on a monthly basis.

In most projects, the monthly calendar is the default view, even though there is a day view for the day. Each project has its own calendar or calendar, if necessary. The project calendar is very popular with marketers.

Marketing campaigns are easier. Another popular use case – editing the calendar. If you know how to use an online calendar, then you know how to use the project calendar. They are very simple.

  1. Project schedule

The project timeline template, also known as the Gantt chart, has been around for 100 years (reading the history of Gantt charts here). Project timeline may or may not be dependent (no intention)

How complicated the project is. As you can see, the project timeline is also displayed in the calendar grid, but it is completely different from the regular project calendar. First, every specific dependency

The operation must be completed. For example, before creating a wall, you need to complete the foundation and prepare the wall before creating the roof.

Second, when using the project timeline view, you must rearrange the parent task so that all related tasks move automatically. If you haven’t seen the Gantt chart yet, this is a short one minute video.

  1. Project Planning Committee (also known as Kanban Project Planning)

The Kanban board has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and the board has become the main point of view for many online project management solutions. Bitrix24 is no exception. The Kanban method comes from Japan.

Originally used by the manufacturer for timely delivery. The Kanban program quickly contacted software developers, and now it is widely used by individuals for very common things, such as marriage plans.

Special instructions for the Kanban Project Planning Committee include: You can view your progress and progress in real time. Simply drag the job card to another column to change the job status. View the Bitrix24 Kanban Project

The planner (adding a one-minute video) will be interested in the project planning committee.

  1. Project resource planning

The project resource plan template is located at the top of the project planning tool. Gantt charts are often used with resource plans. Do you remember the example of a foundation wall roof? Each of these tasks

Special equipment. For example, an excavator or excavator should be able to use 6 hours to break the foundation. Then you need a concrete mixer. Scheduling and device scheduling or working hours are called “resources.”

Bitrix24 provides traditional resource management (also known as workload management) and resource scheduling in CRM.

  1. TODO project list

The project management todo list may be the most basic type of project plan. But for all the items you need. Plan a corporate Christmas party. You need to book a place, find a food service provider, and hire a DJ and arrange transportation. The Todo list may be sufficient for the needs of such projects. Because if you find a DJ in front of a travel chef and vice versa, it doesn’t matter.

That is it. If you have never used Gantt Chart or Project Management Resource Planning software, you will get used to it, but project planning is not complicated. There are some important things.

There is no proper way to plan a project. Depending on the content of the project, the timeline may be more effective than the timeline view or other methods. You can also use most project management software.


You can visually represent the project and switch between Kanban, Gantt Chart or List View.

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