8 Benefits of Managed WiFi Solutions for Businesses

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8 Benefits of Managed WiFi Solutions for Businesses

Many companies in managing Wi-Fi solutions entrust IT management to offshore wireless network solution provider. This is less than the cost of maintaining in-house IT staff. Office WiFi is equally important in everyday IT work. If so, why are not more companies choosing managed WiFi solutions? They do not know whether this is an option.

A hosted WiFi solution was unprecedented ten years ago. Most offices install a wireless router in an IT cabinet that is a perimeter of Internet services and call it a day. WiFi service is terrible but not important. Most offices still use DSL or do not have or cannot afford broadband. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly smart. “Get your own device” is not yet pre-registered and requires a wired Internet connection on every computer. When we recall primitive era, writer’s backbone trembles.

Fortunately, today, the high-speed Internet can be found very cheap, most devices do not have an Ethernet port, and people’s work is constantly evolving. Because most operations depend on high-speed WiFi services, businesses can no longer provide services under WiFi. Even the provision of Wi-Fi has evolved. A router will not cut it. Most offices today require a hosted WiFi solution.

IT providers cannot provide hosted WiFi solutions!

Your love for IT providers. They understand working with desktops, laptops, or even software that they use for business. Do you think they can also handle WiFi? Think again.

Even if your IT team is skilled, IT training and certification typically will not include WiFi and wireless networks. That’s why you do not see overlapping existing helpdesk IT staff with wireless network engineers. Their lack of education is apparent to business owners who inadvertently asked the current IT team to design managed WiFi solutions.

If you have not made this mistake, what happens? Along with all other responsibilities, the IT department’s mission is to improve office WiFi. Generally, they have a budget to create corporate WiFi solutions. IT staffs buy the cheapest enterprise-grade managed WiFi solutions and buy a lot. Prioritizing quality is the first mistake, but we’ll introduce it later. The IT and networking department runs the Ethernet cable, installs the access point, and creates a personalized network name.

This is when the problem begins.

Employees can not connect to WiFi. Once connected, you can not access simple websites. Users experience various weaknesses even when they are roaming the office and sitting just below the access point. The network department made some changes, but this change only makes things worse.

Eight reasons why your business needs managed WiFi solutions

  1. Managed WiFi solutions are cost effective.

Enterprise WiFi devices are particularly expensive and expensive. Reduce the cost of a hosted, managed WiFi solutions. In the end, if you want to leave WiFi to a poorly equipped IT department, you need help from a third-party WiFi solution provider to evaluate, correct, or replace your existing system. For example, a company’s WiFi generally requires annual licenses and maintenance. If your IT vendor does not understand the manufacturer’s requirements, or if you choose to ignore age, you may incur additional charges to recover access point services because you have not paid.

When outsourcing to a third party hosted managed WiFi solutions provider, the cost is transparent and fairly low. With in-depth expertise, managed WiFi providers can offer optimal package for long-term licenses and offer cost savings options that the IT team might not recognize.

  1. Use the hosted WiFi solution to run with maximum productivity.

Properly installing your WiFi system is like cleaning a house. This way, no one will notice. Otherwise it is obvious. Managed WiFi solutions that are in trouble actually pay hundreds of dollars to fix and curb monetization. The team can not connect to the Internet to take the time of support and planning from multiple internal departments to address the experts to suppress the entire, relatively simple question.

I believe a company like AllCAD IT Solutions provides a manageable WiFi solution that allows your operations and IT staff to focus on other critical business issues. When WiFi works, employees will follow.

  1. Improve the security of the internal network.

You read the headline. External and internal data leakage is often the most successful business destruction. These leaks are often caused by poor or poor safety configurations. Many people do not understand that network security is more than assigning passwords and providing access to authenticated users. To isolate users from other functions, the network has numerous configuration options. All you need is the perfect equipment and team.

Choosing the right equipment is as important as configuring managed WiFi solutions. For this reason, a competent WiFi provider starts the installation process in an in-depth search phase. I can understand how our design management of wireless LAN solutions, as well as the wireless network to meet the specific requirements, we have customers need to access certain features users need.

  1. Complete transparency through in-depth reporting.

We understand that hosted WiFi solutions can help you understand network users. On-demand access to detailed reports and in-depth understanding of network utilization, performance, and other indicators of uplinks allow you to make informed decisions about the operational aspects of your business.

Unlike older wireless devices, a new enterprise-class system allows you to control your access points through a single controller. This is very useful because a WiFi solution provider can monitor the wireless performance of all locations via an easy interface. Other network management tools, such as firewalls and gateway controllers, enables you for more granular reporting. You can better understand business applications and users who use the most bandwidth. You can also assess the performance of your ISP. The bandwidth may be insufficient or too costly. Most IT providers do not know how to make this decision, but hosted WiFi providers such as AllCAD Solutions have the tools and expertise to troubleshoot.

You can even access the reports using a mobile application. And it’s not difficult to find an application or hire mobile app developer to build an app for you.

  1. As your business grows, your business expands successfully.

If you are reading this article, you will find that you need to adapt to time and technology changes, and efficient ways to use the most cost-effective you are seeking. You are a clever employer and look forward to expansion. Opening a new office and installing equipment will require new technologies such as desktop, phone and wireless network infrastructures. In the past, you could not control more than one location through the same interface, so you had to purchase a completely separate system, but now you can. A hosted WiFi solution typically includes an access point that can be overseen by an integrated management system. Enterprise-class wireless manufacturers, cloud-based licensing and site controllers can manage thousands of access points from any part of the world through a single interface.

  1. Manage WiFi system upgrades using smart decisions

If you buy a new wireless access point today, it will be available for 5 years. Five years later, bandwidth pricing changes, advances in wireless standards, and the advancements of new devices may require you to buy new access points or change other network infrastructures. The company handles technology upgrades according to individual require, but not every company has the right resources or access advice to make the right decisions each time. This wastes investment, loses profits, and ultimately leads to inefficient operations. With a hosted WiFi solution, you can avoid this situation.

Because new upgrades can improve network security and performance, new commercial WiFi systems also require regular maintenance. It is important to apply this upgrade in a timely manner and back up your previous configuration in case of problems. Do not let your WiFi provider supervise the entire process and avoid downtime or snoring.

  1. Improve the user experience of everyone in your office.

The ultimate goal of having a WiFi in your office is to provide your users with uninterrupted internet access. This is what the hosting provider can do. You can also customize your entire WiFi experience.

In addition to Darth Vader-style web controls, you can use the web as an advertising tool as the start page for custom designs. Splash pages are ideal for retail or other spaces with very short customer bases, such as banks or shopping malls. The Brand Launch page is the base for promoting your products and services to everyone on your network. Customers appreciate the originality of this marketing and technology. Your brand can only see its benefits.

  1. Get instant support for hosted WiFi solutions.

As long as wireless technology is concerned, it is the first time we acknowledge that it is not always perfect. Sometimes the devices do not work properly and there are occasional problems with the access point. Without managed WiFi, you will not be able to use unreachable devices and perform duties that you can not do, resulting in downtime for your company’s revenue and office fraud. Hosted WiFi providers allow you to place calls in worst-case scenarios. The current status is current insurance, so it appears to be an unnecessary expense.

Every business can take advantage of a hosted WiFi solution.

Any business that recognizes WiFi as an integral part of their day-to-day business needs to explore managed WiFi solution. This solution is affordable and can be tailored to the unique needs of any business. To learn more about hosted WiFi solutions, contact AllCAD IT Solutions for wireless networking.

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