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Structued Cabling Basics

Structued cabling design is done by following set of standardised specifications that specify how the wiring must be done for data and voice communication.This cabling is usually done using CAT6 and Fiber optic cables.

Structured cabling done properly will support multiple types of hardware systems such as telephony, network printers and internet. This is an advantage for company as this solution can be scaled for future for adding more devices in the same network.

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Structured cabling

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance is more of a mandatory requriement than an optional one due to the increase in security concerns. AllCAD can help in providing appropriate CCTV solutions as per your requirement.

There are many types of solutions avaialable depending on the outdoor / indoor camera, weather proof cameras and underwater cameras. We can also setup cameras for remote monitoring on laptop and mobile phones so you are always connected.

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IP Telephony solutions

IP Telephony (Internet protocol telephony) is a technology that enables us to use internet protocol to exchange voice, fax and other data that was earlier carried by Public Switched Telephone Network. This enables sharing of the same line for multiple purposes such as internet thus reducing overall infrastructure cost.

VOIP is an standard developed to delivery quality and consisiency in voice packets that travel on the Internet Protocol.IP telephony has helped to converge the communication on computers , telephones and other devices. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is widely used in call centers.

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Cisco ip telephone

WIFI solutions

WIFI solutions help eliminate the need for complex cabling and networking. WIFI solutions need to be reliable so they don’t hamper the business activities and also need to be secure.AllCAD provides advanced solutions to handle wireless solutions to connect all WIFI enabled devices in your premises.

Walls , cabinets etc usally block signals in offices therefore premisis need to examined for dead-spots and WIFI signal power so that consistent network is available to all the users.

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Access Control solutions

Software driven access control system can be used to provide customized authority to individuals. Detailed trail reports can also be generated based on the access and use. Access control systems can be customized as per the clients’ needs to complement the security of the business.

Various types of Access Control Systems are available such as biometric access and keycard access control.

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Queue Management Solutions

Keep you clients happy by keeping your queues managed. All CAD IT solutions can provide you with a client queue management system that will reduce customer waiting time, organize the workloads as per the actual needs and help you easily measure the performance of your employees.

Advanced features are also available where customers can view current waiting time and get token on their phone remotely.

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Queue management

Routing and Switching

Routers and switches are the main components of any network. A well designed network will keep the network secure and low latency increasing the speed of the network. AllCAD can help with network design and setup such as L2, L3 , broadcast domain collision domain , multicasting.

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Firewall and Networking

All Cad IT solutions provide a range of security and technology solutions. We provide solutions that can help to detect, report and monitor attempts of hacking and intrusions in your network.

Security is critical for any technology dependent organization, and using the correct security measures is important for achieving the required solutions for the business. All CAD can help in understanding; selecting and installing the best solution weather you need a traditional rewall solution of an advanced cloud based solution.

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Fortinet firewall

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