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IP Telephony, IP PBX, PABX Solutions

PABX solutions help you to keep your staff connected securely, easily divert calls to the concerned agent keeping your overall costs low. AllCAD can help set up the right IP telephony solutions for your company.

Applications of IP Telephony?

IP Telephony or PBX solutions are widely used in call centers where departments may be organized based on operations such as inquiry, support, delivery etc. PBX solutions also help simplify your office infrastructure.

AllCAD deals with all major IP PBX, PABX solutions such as Avaya, Dlink, Panasonic, Samsung, Cisco IP phone, Polycom, Asterisk, Grandstream. We also help in setting up advanced features such as voicemail, voicemail to email, call queue functionalities.

IP PBX solutions help in setting up cloud telephony services that connect places that are geographically apart. This is ideal for connecting branch offices, which provides a secure line of communication.

Key Advantages

  • Queuing – Customers can be put on hold as your staff attends to other calls, during the waiting time advertisements or information can be shared with the listener.

  • Reduced Costs – If the number of phone lines is less compared to the number of users, the same lines can be shared between multiple users.

  • Call recording – Keep your call quality in check with call recording functionality, this can be later used to access and improve your call center performance.

IP PBX , PBAX Advantages


Scalable Solution

Can be used for interoffice communication or intraoffice communication, thus keeping your offices connected at a very low cost.


Lower Cost

IP PBX solutions are deployed on the same network as your computers and other devices. Additional wiring is not required thus lowering your infrastructure costs.

Customer satisfaction

Increased Business Productivity

Increase the productivity of your staff by providing integration of your phone system to your Customer Management System.

Better productivity

Increase in Efficiency 

Receive reports of how well your staff is engaged, this is crucial in maintaining optimal staff strength for customer happiness.

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