How to Make 2019 The Most Productive Year For You and Your Team

//How to Make 2019 The Most Productive Year For You and Your Team

How to Make 2019 The Most Productive Year For You and Your Team

Have you seen a wonderful year, can you easily think that this is the best year of your life? Sometimes our best years are carefully planned. Other times, the amazing year is full of surprises. Unfortunately, we can’t control the accident, but we can control the plan.

Setting goals is an important part of starting and growing your business. The 4th Staples National Small Business Survey: According to 61% (NASDAQ stock code SPLS) business owners (61%) may suffer from the “sports (ping-pong)” syndrome constantly jumping competition business needs and points the result between the hearts. These numbers can be much lower when the company uses target settings. Our goal is to simplify and streamline business decisions.

Therefore, it is now best to plan for commercial success by the end of 2019. This is a step-by-step plan for how to make the New Year the most productive year.

  1. Review the 2018 target

Before you plan, check out the goals of the past year. This step does not prevent unfinished goals. After 2018, you want to see yourself and your business more wisely. Identify the goals you are constantly pursuing and the goals you completely ignore. By analyzing the 2018 list, you can learn a lot about the performance of your business.

The key to creating a task list is to set what you think is feasible. The 2018 list analysis will help you understand your priorities and get feedback and create a better 2019 list.

  1. Congratulate on your previous success

Another reason to reinvigorate the 2018 list is to determine the goals achieved so far. The goal setting is science, so the goal is achieved. Congratulations on your success last year. Success can be a company’s sales key performance indicators, as well as personal network skills.

Most companies have a New Year party, but they rarely organize special things after achieving their business goals. Let employees think that achieving the company’s goals is a celebration similar to the New Year party.

  1. Set specific goals

If you look at last year’s goals and confirm your success, determine the goals you want to achieve in the New Year. When setting new goals, it is important to follow and follow the S.M.A.R.T standard.

Due to lack of willpower and low employee motivation, companies often set a bold goal. Mission, vision and milestones are critical to your business. They provide a greater sense of business presence. But having this asset is not enough. You must set a big goal as a short-term goal. Phillip C. McGraw said: “This is a marathon of life, not a short distance.” It is easy to imagine the flow of global domination and profit, but without action, the big goal cannot be achieved.

For example, rationalizing the project management process does not lead to action. On the contrary, the “step-by-step workflow for creating a website developed in January” is a clearer goal, paying attention to the right one.

One way to predict problems is to increase the chances of success. Think about the problems that may arise in your short-term goals. Briefly describe how to solve the problem ahead of time. Then you will be more prepared and will not give up.

Looking for a simple and easy way to set goals? Improve project goal setting and job management processes using project management or CRM software.

  1. Focus on this process.

If you focus on the process and not the results, you can easily follow. Things become interesting and interesting when you are interested in this process. Create value by doing everything you can. This approach avoids delays and perfectionism. If people realize that the goal is to achieve their goals in the future, they are not willing to do anything.

In fact, an evolving business requires constant commitment to the vision. But imagine that every day in 2019 tries to approach the distant vision. This is very difficult. That’s why you have to admit that this process is a way to achieve a better future, but to use your vision as a source of inspiration.

  1. Compensation plan

Setting goals can help you improve both professionally and personally. For whatever reason, no matter what needs to be improved, everyone should be happy to achieve their goals. You should not feel that you don’t like anything. If you want to turn your goals into exciting challenges, consider the rewards you get when you achieve your goals.

Reward for the smallest achievement plan and pass it on to your team. Whether it’s a celebration or a promotion, employees should be able to feel rewarded and appreciated by their efforts. If you find a way to celebrate success and enhance your desire to pursue your goals, your goals will never end. Plan for various types of compensation. Plan to take the first step, plan the last plan in the itinerary, and finally plan a huge reward at the end of the year.

  1. Ask your staff for feedback.

You can clearly understand where the company wants to go. But employees will be employees who turn their vision into reality. Combining common goals with employees will increase your chances of success. You can also set up stable routines and share regular progress reports so you can get valuable feedback from frontline people. By creating a shared culture through communication teams and goals, employees can share their personal goals with the team.

If you are an officer, check your progress regularly. Also encourage your team to engage in business development and professional development. This can lead to training costs for companies, but if personal development goals are considered important, then people tend to be more inclined to focus on the workplace.

  1. Match corporate goals to employee goals.

Employee goals often conflict with company goals. You need to find and remove such cases. For example, there may be good customer experience goals, but the employee’s experience cannot be improved when the employee is out of date. Take the time to review the details to understand how short-term goals are for employees to plan for next year, and to develop clear, straightforward long-term goals and vision roadmaps.

Everyone in the organization needs to understand how their work supports their goals. If your company is large, you need to create a separate roadmap that shows how your personal goals lead to team success and then achieve company goals. Understanding how different organizational units interact and how all employees contribute to company goals can increase operational commitment and increase employee morale.


Goal setting is the perfect way to start a new year with positive, productive notes. Our goal is to provide us with guidance to help us better connect with passion and desire. Business goals have a direct impact on your company’s productivity and profitability. Our goal of increasing revenue or expanding into new markets has the ability to bring us closer to the future.

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