How To Create a Winning Landing Page

//How To Create a Winning Landing Page

How To Create a Winning Landing Page

The landing page is a great marketing tool. Unfortunately, companies usually don’t use it properly. When you think about the time and effort involved in creating a landing page, be sure to do everything. If you can organize and manage your marketing campaigns (including landing pages) correctly, you can enjoy a steady stream of potential customers.

This article lists the most important landing page elements and provides tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of each element. But first, let’s see what the login page is.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are created as part of a marketing campaign and are independent sites that are separate from the main site. No navigation or clues allow visitors to link your landing page to a major company website. While corporate websites can provide information, landing pages are created only for customer conversion purposes. The exact structure of your landing page depends on your ultimate goal and sales channel. Landing pages are a sales channel, but they are also part of a specific campaign sales channel.

There are two types of login pages.

– Clicking on the page will take you to an e-commerce site that visitors can purchase.

– The Lead Generation page is a page for capturing contact data, such as emails and names.

Now that you know what the landing page is, let’s take a look at some important things. Landing page element:

  1. Logical flow

Landing pages are not created as separate marketing assets. It’s always part of the campaign. If you invest in paid search ads or social media ads, your landing page will logically track your marketing campaigns.

The landing page was developed to convert customers. Sometimes employers make mistakes when they direct their clients to the main site. This is where the customer experience crashes. Customers need a story to slowly take the story step by step. If you think social media ads are enough to convince customers, think again. Because people don’t trust others like bats, brands can’t expect customers to be excited about products immediately. Landing pages help keep the logic of the story and guide customers through the sales channel.

Look at the story you made. The longer you link your ads to your landing page, the longer you spend on your landing page.

  1. State the problem you solve

People want to solve problems without buying products. Your product may solve your problem. It may be an emotional product that brings happiness and happiness, or it may be a reasonable product to eliminate pain. Your product has both emotional and reasonable interest.

Take the time to understand your target market and identify the issues you will solve. Then mark the issue on the landing page. Before purchasing a product, you should fully understand the importance of the problem and understand its convenience and painlessness.

  1. Make money proposal

Offer can be two things: a unique promotional offer or a special offer. The unique Sales Proposition (USP) defines the advantages of the product and distinguishes it from its competitors. It usually outlines USP before creating a brand and starting a business. Special offers can be discounts, limited time offers or promotional announcements.

Due to its strict commercial purpose, landing pages are rarely used for branding activities. However, if you want to promote a specific product or service, your landing page is the best choice. Identify customer needs and offer unwelcome offers.

  1. Killer title

If the logic process, the problems and suggestions you solve are the strategic elements of your landing page, then the killer title is the tactical element. The title can describe many things, such as questions, benefits or suggestions, but most importantly, the title must be compelling and compelling.

Concise and concise, and through the title to attract attention, users can scroll through the landing page to consume more information about the product. You must balance your creativity and the goals of the title. You want your customers to immediately capture the meaning of the title and surprise it with its uniqueness.

  1. Explanation of interest

If your customers are interested, but they don’t understand your product, your efforts may be wasted. Benefits explain what is meant to illustrate how products can be used to solve problems simply. It is best to organize your benefits through lists or bullets. A clearer, clearer description will make it easier to keep customers’ attention.

Please report your shoes when describing the benefits. Just saying that doing well is not enough. You need to explain this from your perspective. “We are the best dealer” “to get a better service experience”

  1. Elements of supporting evidence: certificate, pain and enjoyment

To improve the efficiency of your landing page, you can add some additional elements that support basic statements. There are three elements here.

– It is effective because it uses human psychology to induce customer reactions. There is a so-called “social evidence” psychology principle that people take action to correct their behavior. If someone says they like this product, they are more likely to try it.

– Pain, outstanding problems, indicating that you lost, so that users can make you feel no pain. However, the product is always the ultimate solution to pain.

– Interesting point. They want to avoid the pain of happiness like humans. Explain to the audience what they get emotionally and make them feel that they can’t live without products.

  1. Call to action

Landing pages without call-to-action will lose sales. If people don’t tell them what they want, they will leave. Don’t assume that the customer knows how to proceed. Provide clues and directions for the next step.

Your call to action should be easy to understand. If you’re fighting between an over-creative version and a simple version used by a competitor, be sure to choose later. People want their call-to-action to be clear and straightforward, not confusing.

  1. Contact information

Contact information is used for two purposes. Prove that you are a real company and show interest to your customers. Please provide as much contact information as possible. Add your physical address, email and phone number. You can also install live chat on your landing page and allow customers direct access to your sales force.

We’ve covered all the issues and benefits of the landing page, but customers often ask more specific questions and questions. You can use the chat feature to finally appeal.

  1. Set the appropriate lead capture system

Generating Leads When a customer launches their landing page, they can easily submit their contacts. Web forms are the best way to get new leads or contacts. It takes much less time to fill out a form than to send an email from a customer perspective. You can also use forms to avoid sending emails when you post an email.

Setting up integration takes time because it can be a nightmare when you move all your contacts from the landing page to CRM. If you use Bitrix CRM lead capture forms, your contacts will be automatically transferred to CRM, so no programming skills are required.


There are many aspects to creating a login page. But one thing is for sure – the landing page is not the same. All landing pages have different uses and different elements. There is no single solution for everyone. Check your goals, target audiences, strategies and marketing campaigns, and design your landing page accordingly. Once the campaign starts, you can use a variety of tests to see how each element performs and adjust the initial design and title. Then test again and continue to improve.

If you’re looking for a free sign-in page and site builder that integrates with CRM and marketing automation tools by default, try using Bitrix24 Sites. See the video below to see how it works.


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