How To Create A Communication Plan For Project Management

//How To Create A Communication Plan For Project Management

How To Create A Communication Plan For Project Management

The first thing you need to do when starting a project is to create a project plan. A project plan is a document designed to guide project control and execution. In short, the project plans to set up tasks, milestones, and deliverables, and assign each task to people. Creating a project plan requires a lot of data and effort. However, one thing is not included in the project plan, but it may jeopardize the entire project.

Communication is an important part of any project, but both parties involved in the project (customers and contractors) believe that they are all interested in the successful completion of the project. This is not always the case. The contractor is responsible for executing the project, but the customer usually does not know how much input is needed. The project communication plan helps contractors set communication standards and frequencies that are appropriate for both parties, while encouraging customer engagement.

What is a project communication plan?

A project communication plan is a document that defines when, how, what information is shared with stakeholders, and which information should be included in which part. Not all projects require a project communication plan. If stakeholders are not committed to establishing a broad communication model, then large projects with multiple stakeholders. On the other hand, small-scale projects simplify the communication model with a small number of stakeholders, so the project communication plan can be copied.

The most important thing about the project communication plan is to have everyone on the same page. The contractor ensures a timely response to advance the project, and the client receives a clear communication plan to schedule other activities and projects. Ultimately, the project communication plan is beneficial to both parties.

Why create a project communication plan?

In addition to placing everyone on the same page, other benefits of the project communication plan include:

– Eliminate unnecessary communication

I hate too many meetings and conference calls, and no one gets results. The project communication plan keeps you connected to the project and saves everyone from wasting time.

– Building a better relationship

The project plan is to create all the great works. The project communication plan is to maintain connectivity. Without a clear understanding of expectations, no project can survive. A project communication plan can help you set the right expectations and provide a high level of communication.

– Remove weeds from the bran.

A lot of communication was done during the project, but not all information needs to be communicated to the customer. You don’t want to overwhelm the client with too much information and delay decision making. The project communication plan can help you determine what information you need to provide to your customers and the rest of the information on your team.

How to write a project communication plan

There are no rules for establishing a project management plan, but there are some guiding principles:

  1. Determine the target.

Project Communication Before you start planning, make sure you have a project communication plan. Knowing your goals will help you understand how the project communication plan affects your project. Goals can provide stakeholders with information about project requirements, opportunities for feedback, and descriptions and descriptions of project deliverables.

  1. Create stakeholder information and communication preferences.

The next step is to list all stakeholders, contact information, and record communication preferences and availability. This part of the project communication plan helps clients to understand exactly who the project involves and how much each stakeholder needs to participate. It is also a good idea to write a personal comment next to each stakeholder. This will help ensure a personalized approach and provide a great customer experience.

  1. Create a list of items to share

Internally maintained information, such as the status of chats and subtasks between team members. You will then be given the information you need to share with your customers, such as project plans and budget markers, job status, milestones and customer information requests. I want to give a brief overview of the types of information you need to know, and to list this information in the project communication plan and the importance of sharing these types of information.

  1. Create a communication type list

The type of communication ranges from weekly meetings to daily emails. Consider which types of communication can help you provide information to stakeholders, rather than creating redundant communication strings and displaying them to clients when creating a list. Describe each communication type in detail. What do you need for each type of communication? What kind of opinions should stakeholders make? How to convey information? What is the follow-up action?

  1. Communication tools and channel definitions

Finally, you don’t want your customers to be lost in many communication channels. In the project management tool, the email client, chat and instant messaging select the channel that fits the user and the client. A project with a dedicated space where sharing all the information is optimal. Typically, this dedicated space is a project management tool. Before you start working on the project, you need to communicate with the customer how to set up the project management tool and the expected client type. Information about the project management tools used by the team should be included in the project communication plan.


After the project communication plan is completed, your work as a project manager will not be interrupted. You will need to submit your plan to the customer and agree. Even if the customer agrees to the plan, it will not automatically follow the plan. As a project manager, you need to constantly remind customers that you must follow the project communication plan to ensure that the project runs smoothly. However, even in the perfect situation where both parties understand responsibility and are willing to participate in the project, the approved project communication plan can serve as an additional testimony to the project’s commitment to project success.

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