How to choose your ideal ICT partner?

//How to choose your ideal ICT partner?

How to choose your ideal ICT partner?

ICT stands for information communication technology. Basically, with an ICT partner, you can combine several different technologies in one system and communicate with each other. Here, various devices and services integrated into one network are integrated. This includes communication (telephone line and radio signal), computer, all essential enterprise software, antivirus and firewall, middleware, all physical devices, storage, audiovisual system.

To select an ideal ICT service provider in Dubai that can respond to customer’s needs and do better business, before you outsource you need to consider several factors.

Impossible achievements

In the post Internet era, everything developed very rapidly. For one, the world has lived and became a very small place, but on the other hand it was difficult for companies going ahead in the development of technology.

There is an IT company that threatens every corner of every city every day. Hiring a partner founded in the ICT is often costly and risks hiring a start up company. In this situation, we need to be extremely careful, as the whole business depends on adopting appropriate partners for integrating and managing all systems.

The best way to judge a company is to move according to what other customers say about the solution. Do not follow the customer’s evaluation of ICT company website. It can change. Please contact the IT team directly by contacting the customer directly. They are giving you real feedback for their ICT partner.

Conform to quality standards

Please check the ISO and other quality standards followed by the ICT provider and the certification they have acquired. If quality standards are not good, the network is facing major threats.

There is a threat of intrusion or virus attack, and the data stored in the server may be damaged. Example: You are an e-commerce company and have stored customer credit card and net banking information on the server. Hacking may cause serious security breaches.

In order to do online shopping which started promotion in the festive season, if you are logged in to the site, there are a lot of customers, if the website goes down or slows down, in addition to losing business, you will lose goodwill in the market.

It is very important to properly manage the server and to select the IT service provider in Dubai that ensures the security of corporate data and customer information and it is necessary to check the load of the website through periodic testing. If the number of customers increases during a certain period and the traffic of the site increases, sufficient vulnerability assessment and penetration testing method must be installed.

Cost efficiency

The ideal ICT partner integrates all systems and creates a common platform for optimal functioning of the system. This will reduce infrastructure and equipment costs and increase revenue.

Please check when choosing the ideal ICT partner. It adopts what kind of cost effective methodology and it shows how it affects your company.

Consistency and transparency

Many companies promise to use inferior quality equipment and to provide inferior quality equipment. They are also not paying the cost of high-speed internet and are striving to manage with low bandwidth, starting at a slow speed when many users log in. It is very important to select a transparent ICT company and to grasp the entire development situation. If there is a problem with the entire network or infrastructure, you need to report immediately and be able to provide information to teams and customers.

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