How to Assemble A Customer Success Team From Scratch

//How to Assemble A Customer Success Team From Scratch

How to Assemble A Customer Success Team From Scratch

Bitrix24 has a big definition. Not because we prefer formalism, or because we are satisfied with civil servants, but because we think things should be simple and straightforward. In short, we want to know why before we solve it. We want to share. If our knowledge and experience are useful, we will succeed.

To say that success here is a hot topic. Last time we tried to define what it means for our customers. As promised, we are now defining the meaning of a successful customer team. We are collecting ourselves while we are talking. We want to tell you what we have learned.

Like everything else, our mission is simple and straightforward.

What is the customer’s success again?

Customer success redefines customer satisfaction. This is a proactive approach to integration that ensures the desired outcomes throughout the buyer’s journey, including marketing, sales, onboarding and support. This is the true meaning of the customer.

No matter what you sell, the results you want are not. What customers want is to get products that are similar to their competitors, not products. If the product is the solution to the problem, then the product is the destination. What they really want is horse riding.

In our opinion, passengers and destinations can only guarantee their success if they meet their needs. Overall experience exceeded expectations due to the expected value of the product. Working together ensures that you and your customers will succeed.

Why do we need it?

Initially, customer success was developed as a defense against SaaS churn. Blocked by the continual cancellation of subscriptions, the company realized that continuing to regain customer loyalty was the only opportunity for growth.

Today, all of our instant and globally accessible products and information are deeply involved in the subscription economy. The same rules apply to all of us, who is the game leader? Of course the customer. We adapt or lose the way of thinking.

So what if the customer thinks “I will leave when something goes wrong”? What is the best strategic move? Never let anything happen to you. In order to do this, we need more than just developing with our customers because we are satisfied rather than successful.

How do we achieve it?

Go deeper and try to define what you really want to see. We say that this product can help because the real solution is already included in the experience. This is the process of finding, learning, adopting and using products that make the solution valuable. Who is responsible for guiding the customer through the process?

Customer success team.

A successful team is a support team (you can learn more about this in the previous article), as if the customer’s success is not a completely separate function of the company. Between support, retention, customer lifecycle value, feedback, success metrics and many other responsibilities, customer success teams have a single, growth-oriented goal.

Help customers develop.

This is the result you ultimately want. If you are looking for a better solution, learn more about the product, easily adopt the product, and participate in the product in a more valuable way, you will not only meet the over-experience of the product’s needs). Here are the steps we took to build the first customer success team.

Assemble the customer success team from scratch (Bitrix24 environment)

The first thing to do – the customer’s success is not a separate department, but a state of mind. Everyone in the organization must help them achieve their desired performance. This makes the customer’s success a business model rather than a functional model.

In other words, the main responsibility of the customer success team is to change the way the company thinks. Specific tasks include professional services and consulting, on-the-job (high-contact and self-service) and training to bridge the gap in success. No matter what they do, they take a positive attitude.

Here are some of the things you learned during the process of building your own customer success team. Fortunately, it will help you evolve.

  1. Definition of success

As we said before, in other words, customer success is a whole new process for the entire company, not an upgrade to an existing company. To change your mind, you need to determine what it means to you and why you need to change it first.

More specifically, you need to define your identity.

Customer success is completely different from other companies because it depends directly on a specific customer base. Is your touch and self-service or intermediate touch and medium level? Your expectations for participation are not the same. This means that the expected experience and the expected result are too different.

Study your customers carefully and consider the definition of success. Each of them has their own pain points, the solutions they need and the appropriate experience. Do this for all customer segments and all products you offer. This is the only way to understand the impact of success.

Our definition of success is based on two factors: customer satisfaction and integrity. This may sound simple, but in reality the company is undergoing serious changes to achieve it. From a practical point of view, we will further discuss a set of rules and practices.

  1. Architectural column

The role of a customer success team cannot be reduced to a single aspect or department. It is too comprehensive, versatile and eclectic. While achieving the same goal of increasing and maintaining a customer base by meeting customer goals, the number of CSM and CRM tasks involved in a company’s success plan is numerous.

So we chose to give them a few frames and a very compact architecture for the whiteboard. According to our experience, support, participation and training are the three pillars of customer success. Each goal consists of its own mission statement and its own indicators.

For us, the first pillar is more value-centric traditional customer support. Provides instant solutions and expert advice on technical and functional queries by helping customers understand all aspects of Bitrix24 operations.

On the other hand, the part of the successful team works closely with the sales department to give customers a deeper understanding of the product and its respective functions. It handles low-touch user joins and one-to-one account management, resulting in a steady increase in product usage. We are also developing a partner program to help customers around the world get all the support and information they need locally.

The training serves self-service customers who want to learn more by helping content, but it goes beyond traditional technical documentation. The idea here is to show you how to use various use cases and new features so that you can achieve more features than you expect. We and our partners regularly host multilingual webinars to showcase what the company can do to succeed in Bitrix24.

Support, participation and training cover a wide range of CSM and CRM operations, and is responsible for designing a successful experience for everyone, responsible for feedback loops between the company’s builders, sellers and customers.

  1. Select top players

Customer success is innovative, but not tricky or false. So how do you work more easily? Choose the right player. To be honest, everything we talk about will help others, and people who can’t learn can’t change.

If your success story is on paper, you should have at least two years of experience in the customer-facing department with sales and after-sales skills. In addition to a customer-oriented mindset, the way of thinking must be analytical and process-oriented. Ideally, they should be both stressful, persuasive, enthusiastic and motivated.

You may ask for a lot, but now you play in the big league. This is the best advice we can give you. The people you hire should know your customers, better understand your products, not make their products, and most importantly share your unique vision for success. If you can’t find them in your own center, you won’t be able to find them anywhere.

  1. Assign wisely

When you are a dream team, it’s easy to determine who is doing the best (we are proud). The unique expertise of a member will definitely help you assign different responsibilities wisely, but ultimately the success of the customer depends on everyone. Must participate and support education, must educate and support participation, must support and participate in education, comprehensive and comprehensive.

  1. Successful training

Employees are responsible for this because team members should not only receive training on the scope of CSM or CRM work. The customer success team is a unit and must be trained. Assuming that its members are new to the company, all possible situations must be trained and indeed take a long time.

In addition to the initial compulsory education, the client success team also regularly cross-trains with other departments to share experiences, priorities and worst practices. It helps to fine tune the process and perform all necessary changes at an early stage.

Finally, since the establishment of our customer success team, we regularly evaluate a customer-centric approach. We hope that the right way of thinking, training methods and regular assessments can help our team succeed.

  1. Confirmation

Customer success is a preventive measure. This means to our team that we need to prepare and provide answers before asking questions. Of course, this can be achieved by establishing a personal relationship with the customer and seeing the product from the inside. Customer-centric, centered on available data, and customer success are also important.

All other practical guidelines are derivatives of this method. Use the prepared answers and update your service desk regularly. We are also committed to improving the way the team communicates to reflect the passion for help and solutions.

Another criterion that we all follow is the fact. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep. The administrator checks the response of the customer’s successful team to ensure they provide real and relevant information.

  1. Select Top Tools

Your star team needs an excellent tool to make their hard work easier. To date, Bitrix24 has been the best choice for the successful Bitrix24 customer team and we expect it to continue for quite some time in the future. Of course this will be a joke. The method of use is as follows.

Our team communicates through the social intranet. It is very unique like Facebook. We are assigning tasks and managing workflows for KANBAN boards and GANT charts. Video chat on the Bitrix24 drive to HD and compare customer notes. It is only internal.

On the positive side, our customer success teams use CRM, public channels, ticketing and help desks. With the three modules of Bitrix24, you can understand your customers, connect with customers from anywhere, and successfully achieve your goals.

  1. KPI recognition

If you want to change something, you need to measure it. Customer success can never be measured in a single scope, including extensive CSM and CRM operations. The required system is a slightly more complicated calculation involving LTV, NPS and fluctuations.

The reason why everything happens internally is the individual’s contribution to the success of the customer. That’s why we identified all other customer-centric departments and KPIs for successful team members. The effect is important, so the measurement is also important.

  1. Measure the success of success or not

Think about everything and make sure everything goes as expected. NPS (Net Recommended Value) is still the best indicator to tell you that you can track actual feedback, and whether you need improvement, how to improve your success by representing immature causes.

If you are not familiar with the concept, NPS asks: “How much is it possible to recommend to friends and business colleagues?” There is only one question quantitative. It works because it’s simple. Dissatisfied customers are people who are really plagues who will be happy in a large number of people who can assess up to 10-0 with their overall experience.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude.

Here, this is a question of every attitude. Without a strong internal and stress-free environment, building a customer-centric approach across the company is not easy and almost impossible. This opportunity is also a challenge, so I work hard, entertain and reduce drama.

As we have seen, customer success is not part of your communication with customers. It is more likely to be the lifestyle of the entire organization. You can call it spirit. Accept customers, help and compassion, and understand each other. The customer success team has the results you want and does not hesitate to provide the necessary solutions and appropriate experience. Customers will increase the motivation to help you achieve your goals, lead customers and companies, engagement and loyalty to successfully develop.

We are at the beginning of a long road to customer success, and many things must be done or improved. Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From” we are happy to say that we have created for us.

Bitrix24 is a free CRM solution with over 20 sales and marketing tools. It is equipped with Omni Channel Contact Center, Gantt chart, document management and task collaboration tools.


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