Firing an Employee: All Things You Need To Know

//Firing an Employee: All Things You Need To Know

Firing an Employee: All Things You Need To Know

Dismissal workers often bring certain difficulties to managers and businesses. This is usually the hardest part of the process. In terms of team health, business or business issues are emotional and not as important as the startup process.

No one likes to fire someone. After all, we are social creatures, and maintaining a balanced relationship is part of our nature. In small teams, especially in start-ups and small businesses, everyone knows each other well. But we didn’t start our business, so poorly performing employees won’t stop the business. Knowing how to dismiss employees is a leadership skill, and if you want to succeed in business, you should master this skill.

There are two aspects to be aware of when dismissing employees: the administrative aspects related to the company’s policies and the procedures prescribed by law, that is, the relationships related to people and their relationships. Let’s take a closer look.


From a business perspective, the startup process is similar to all other internal company processes. It can be improved, optimized and recorded. Administrators are seldom worried about this because they follow a clear, streamlined, step-by-step plan that does not allow interpretation or suspicion once the process is documented. Administrative procedures ensure that reasonable thinking predominates and commercial interests are protected. However, there are many real-life examples that show that producer policies fail because of company policies.

Here are some tips for minimizing legal and business risks:

– Human resources participation

Leaders often learn how to fire people, but dismissal is not their primary function. Leader guidance, motivation, empowerment and mapping. Therefore, it is natural to feel a little scared during the speech. What is the best way? Expert participation. Human resources are the only people with the best training and background to handle complex publishing issues. The personnel officer will provide you with the necessary guidance on the legal significance and give you some emotional burden.

– Record everything

As for dismissal, please focus on rational thinking beyond the right brain. While face-to-face communication is critical to both employers and employees, it is difficult to predict how things will change. I want to keep all my records, emails and notes in writing. Things that are not written on paper do not exist. Don’t stress the idea that the case ends in court and always be prepared.

If performance is the main reason for release, Bitrix24‘s incomplete task list can justify the decision. This feature also allows teams and new employees to transition more smoothly.

– You must have a shared file system.

It’s easy to simplify the lives of your employees and make them available to your personal portal or cloud space. However, this solution is very short-sighted because the data distributed across multiple devices complicates the new hire recruitment and training process and is vulnerable to security breaches.

Maintaining a shared file system is now a common standard. Using a shared system makes it easier to communicate and communicate knowledge, so you can rest assured that you don’t have access to a specific employee. Once the rules are set up, your employees can keep working documents in the company’s Drive.

– Restriction of visit

We believe that the dialogue with the staff and the ongoing vacation of the building is the last step in the difficult start-up process, but this is only the beginning. Today’s state of the art allows us to access information from the farthest place in the world. This creates an unauthorized access risk.

After talking to employees, you will no longer have access to shared systems and company profiles. This feature is available in the Bitrix24.

– Pre-planning and process automation

So what should you fire your employees and fear to forget? You don’t need a long to-do list. There is a more efficient solution to make the boot process easier. You can automate the project management process as well as automate the startup process. This can be done by setting up the right business workflow in Bitrix24.


Now that you know the management part of the process, here are some tips to help you understand the relationship section.

– Make sure you have done your best.

As an employer, you must understand that the person making the decision is not the performance of the employee. If you have done everything to improve your performance and you have no clear results, then you are either not interested or just employed in the wrong job.

– Take action quickly and take action.

Administrators often regret postponing decisions, but are happy when they act quickly. This does not mean that you have to fire as soon as possible. You still need to track documents and communications before you actually speak. However, considering the dismissal of someone’s point of view can undermine team performance and undermine performance as a leader.

– Kindness.

Being fired is a terrible experience for employees. It is not easy to face the future of unemployment. It also has a huge impact on sharing news with family and friends. So imagine how you would like to treat when you are in the same situation as your employees’ shoes. This is not just the interest you want to express, but you want to see it in the list. In addition, if the reason for dismissal is not appropriate, not the performance of the employee, please make a suggestion or provide a recommendation.

– Calm down and calm down.

Dismissing someone is an emotional experience, but I don’t want to influence your business. It’s best to refute this process in a day or two, but please don’t let your guilt feel passionate about your business. Maintain a balance between someone’s feelings and a clear, business-oriented view.


When we have to let go, we feel guilty and guilty. These feelings can be cumbersome, but I point out that you are a great manager. There are many managers who are not sympathetic to team members and people don’t want to work for themselves. Others are overly concerned about the happiness of others and endanger the future of the company. Real leaders can focus on making the best efforts for their business and satisfying their employees.

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