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Firewall and Network Security

AllCad IT solutions provide a range of security and technology solutions. We provide solutions that can help to detect, report and monitor attempts of hacking and intrusions in your network. Security is critical for any technology dependent organization, and using the correct security measures is important for achieving the required solutions for the business. AllCAD can help in understanding, selecting and installing the best solution whether you need a traditional firewall solution of an advanced cloud-based solution.

Protect Your Network

Network security is a major concern in the IT industry with the growth of computer networks at an exponential rate. A large number of devices are now connected such as Printers, Data storage devices, networked computers, servers and many more. We provide our expertise of network security in Dubai and UAE that will help to keep your personal data safe and restrict illegal access.

AllCAD can provide you with solutions that continuously monitor your system and fire alerts and notifications to the designated staff. We provide both hardware and software security solutions such as Firewalls, access control systems and more.

Network Security Implementations

Next Generation Firewall


These next-generation firewall solutions are implemented to filter the traffic based on the set policies and on specific ports. This helps to restrict access to applications giving more security compared to the traditional firewall solutions.

These firewalls also give the options to configure based on the TCP/UDP ports used, applications used and integration with the Active Directory to give user-based access. Firewalls also help in filtering the content on the website such as video sites and social networking sites that may hinder the productivity of your staff.

Network Access Control

Network access control

Network access control is the primary way to control which users can do what. The types of users are various ranging from guest users, contractors, employees, various levels of management staff and many more. If the right types of access control are not maintained the data can easily be leaked from the organization.

Designing and deploying the right Network Access Control solutions is the key to ensure consistent access to different users. Since the users may shift from one role to another so continuous upgrading and maintenance of the roles is also mandatory, this is where Allcad can help you configure and maintain your IT network.

Unified Threat Management

The IT Infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace, new IT services and projects are implemented to meet the growing demand. Keeping your security intact complementing your growth is a difficult process. All the aspects of security such as firewall, anti-virus systems, access management, IPS, encryption systems need to be managed. Unified Threat Management solutions help to reduce the complexity of managing multiple solutions thus reducing the OPEX cost.

Unified Threat Management Solutions include

  • VPN connections
  • IPS
  • Antivirus
  • AntiSpam
  • Web and content filtering

Remote Access Solutions

Remote Access

Remote Access Solutions help improve the productivity of your company. This solution allows users to access systems across the globe at any time and with any device irrespective of their location.

Advanced Remote Access Solutions come equipped with Identity Access Managment which authentication and authorization procedures. This can be used for resolving client issues remotely or serving an AMC.

AllCAD provides expertise for Auditing existing AMC solutions and providing recommendations to improve security, Design new systems based on SSLVPN technology, Integrating existing environment of authorization with Remote Access Solutions.

Remote access can also be taken from mobile devices. Every access goes through an access management system that includes Authentication, Authorization, Role assessment and management and Resource policy.

Advantage of Firewall and Network Security

Up to date

All CAD manages and updates the firewall and switches to keep they up to date with the latest threat


Continuous Monitoring

 Solutions provided by All CAD makes sure the network is closely monitored for threats and issues are timely identified.

Web application firewall

 Web applications are always target for hackers to gain access for protected resources. All CAD makes sure that application level security policies are setup to prevent leak of data