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With the growing concerns of the cyber attacks on large enterprises and government agencies, the need for sophisticated and frequent check-up for IT infrastructure is mandatory. The growth of IOT devices and increase in connected devices over the internet has increased the exposure even more. We AllCAD IT Solutions take it as our responsibility to provide the customers with appropriate security measures to keep the customer safe from external and internal threats.

Cyber Security Services in Dubai

AllCAD solutions specialize in Security solutions and Risk mitigation services for all types of organizations in Dubai whether big or small. Our qualified engineers assess the computing environment and deliver the right product to protect your devices from viruses and spams.

AllCAD’s technicians are well versed in the installation, configuration and maintenance of popular anti-virus and anti-spam solutions such as

  • Norton
  • Kaspersky
  • Symantec
  • McAfee

We can also help prevent botnets, DDoS Attacks, persistent threats and risky web connections for your organization. This will not only help keep your users safe but also reduce the network burden by blocking automated threats that may target your systems; these attacks usually result in exposing of private data and downtime of systems.

What we Do?

Cyber-Risk Assessment

AllCAD will have a risk assessment session to analyze your current environment and approach is developed based on the criticality of your system.
The first step is the categorization of the system, in this step we categorize the system based on the impact it will cause on the system.

The second step is selection and implementation of security control, in this step threat is identified, control systems are identified and implemented.Various types of systems may be needed based on the threats identified.

The final step is continuous monitoring, this is an ongoing step including assessing the implemented control system effectiveness, conducting impact analysis and reporting any new issues that may arise.

Firewall Services

AllCAD Solutions specializes in advanced firewall services across different vendors such as Fortinet, Cisco, and Sophos. The type of Firewall requirement is very much based on the company size and requirement. Companies usually use traditional firewalls that do the basic job but not scalable when the infrastructure expands thus creating bottleneck , performance issues and difficulty in maintenance.

Our professional service team of experts on firewall technology and can support your business in performing firewall mitigation service based on the industry standards ensuring least impact on your business.

We follow the strategy of auditing, analyze, migrate of existing configuration, validation of configurations and finally monitoring.

Virtual Security

Virtual security

AllCAD can help you securing computer applications running inside virtual systems. Its called virtual because the applications run on virtual hardware using hypervisor technology using solutions such as VMware. Virtual security solutions are different as there are no physical security hardware is used, this increases the challenge as the virtual environment is running on top of another operating system so the complete hardware resources are not available and security applications may need to wait for resources to be allocated.

Our team of experts can help you implement some of the industry best virtual security solutions include Citrix Access gateway, VMware vShield.

Email Protection

Email security is one of the most critical steps for a secure infrastructure.AllCAD Solutions can help you implement the right email security solutions that block dangerous cyber threats like malware attachments and URLs, credential phishing sites. Email cyber attacks are targetted and automated and not easily detectable to common users by using various morphing techniques.

We can help you implement Email security solutions that can detect threats with minimal false alerts, stop targetted attacks, isolate malicious emails for analysis and finally reduce the operational cost and increase security.

AllCAD’s technicians are well-versed with popular email security solutions like McAfee, Sophos and Cisco solutions.