Why Cyber Security and SIEM Matter in the Middle East?

//Why Cyber Security and SIEM Matter in the Middle East?

Why Cyber Security and SIEM Matter in the Middle East?

Your network may seem safe from attacks. You may have recovered the storm of transcripts and DDoS attacks. But did you try luck for a sophisticated and refined attacker? Cyber Security gap analysis prevents intrusion and use of networks by using gaps available to attackers on the network.

The vulnerabilities and tasks of these systems are not affected by the attacker. As cyber crime becomes more and more complicated, can you protect your company and your business from these attacks? The key is the perimeter and the appropriate security layer.

As per a recent analysis by Kaspersky, Middle East countries were among the most affected regions with cyber attacks. In UAE, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and industries were targeted broadly.

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There are multiple layers of mature security status, starting with controlled access. The access network must be controlled by the firewall and should not allow or permit communication based on source, traffic type, and destination. It can include simple tasks such as URL filtering and port restrictions, complex heuristics and detailed white-lists. However, the firewall is not perfect – there is a possibility of malicious hacking attacks or unintended intrusion by attackers.

When the cyber attack is effective, it is necessary to immediately respond to alleviate hacker damage. You should evaluate the extent of damage quickly to determine which information was affected. The aim of the cyber attack needs to be decided as soon as possible. Are their cyber crimes attempting to steal information or destroy the system? After that, various response plans are necessary. It recovers instantly lost data and ensures data integrity.

For critical cyber attacks including public information, it is necessary to provide accurate information to stakeholders and partners. Using properly managed Cyber Security and SIEM, managers will be notified immediately as they are being careful. In this way, the right decision maker can decide when and how to report the result of the attack in a responsible manner.

Although it is possible to provide internal IT services for all services, it may damage a part of the whole process. If the company designs or maintains its own cyber security system, you need to keep monitoring of hackers and cyber attacks. Enhanced security relies on reliable professional security providers who have extensive experience in detecting and destroying cyber attacks.

Whether you are going to run security vulnerability analysis in cooperation with a third party or doing it, follow a few basic steps.

4 steps to cyber security

Step 1: Select industry-standard Cyber Security framework

In order to properly evaluate network security through security gap analysis, we need a framework to compare current network security. ISO / IEC 27002 standards provide guidance on how to protect the network from intrusions and provide a benchmark for comparing network security systems.

Step 2: Evaluation

Once you choose the benchmark as a standard, we recommend that you evaluate your current cyber security system, process, and personnel. In the data collection phase, you need to find data on the overall IT environment, including network security policies and processes, device management, organization processes and other relevant information. Please use this investigation as an opportunity to collect data on the current cyber security situation.

Step 3: Analysis

Now that you are gathering the information network security plan and related technology architecture, it allows you to select the best practices and security framework assigned to the control for comparison. When you proceed with the security gap analysis process you will notice differences in the anticipated organization’s network security plan and framework. When these differences and changes occur, please grasp the change.

Step 4: Adjustment

Once the Delta is collected, you can analyze how it complements existing security protocols. Selected benchmarks usually provide recommendations to improve some aspects of cyber security. Coordinate security processes with the relevant departments within the company until they match the selected framework. By making these adjustments, you can withstand your approach.

The role of Cyber Security & SIEM:

SIEM represents Security Information and Event Management. It is a sophisticated technology and software tool that provides real-time monitoring, analysis and reporting of your IT infrastructure. By providing a centralized management view of security management and log collection, IT teams and cyber security experts can monitor networks of all sizes.

What is SIEM?

In a wide field of view, SIEM analyzes real-time log and alerts provided by applications and network hardware. And as an information center to ensure the security of your network, for example, when you open a file every day, routine activities are recorded by potential cyber security vulnerabilities such as unfamiliar IP addresses. Everything is recorded.


SIEM software can monitor multiple devices and applications simultaneously. You can also program the system to automatically respond to certain types of security events. Given the complexity of large IT infrastructures, this type of auto attendant is typically the right size for the enterprise. Warnings, automatic IT security personnel take preventive measures to violate cyber security or SIEM package information is provided to IT staff to protect digital information.

In addition to network security support, SIEM packages provide a unified view of infrastructure, workflow, compliance, and log management. By collecting events and logs and generating automated reports, the system manages critical records and allows teams to identify anomalies.

In the Middle East, IT security systems like SIEM are very important. As technology adoption and innovation continue to evolve, security services often fail to meet the demands of new hardware and software. Underdeveloped countries lack IT security infrastructure and cyber security in the Middle East is weakening in developing countries. As a result, more attackers are concentrated in the community. This will provide strong IT security to companies operating in the Middle East.


SIEM offers SIEM-as-a-Service (SIEMaaS), but due to its complex configuration, significant capital investment and the advantages of expensive analytical personnel, there is no headache for subsequent maintenance. SIEMaaS is a cloud service managed by a third party vendor that implements and maintains the SIEM platform.

Get the expertise of a cloud service expert through a SIEMaaS provider. These professionals can provide the right services to meet the size and security requirements of your network and can improve network security within months.

While most cloud service providers provide SaaS for remote data centers, computing resources are installed on shared servers, but management hardware is on campus. Based on the involvement of your IT security team, you should choose the right deployment for your needs.

What are the benefits of SIEM?

SIEM can greatly improve network security and cyber security. Immediately monitor and take complete network security breaches. Potential benefits of SIEM, which can prevent potential security breach detection, resulting in cyber security breaches, better reporting, reduced network costs, and reduced risk under industry standards and government guidelines.


SIEM as a service can get all the benefits of SIEM packaging, but it is much less complex and costly. With package solutions, you do not have to worry about purchasing hardware, securing your security talent, setting up complex software packages, or maintaining critical business infrastructures. SIEMaaS providers are responsible and can take advantage of low-cost SIEMs. With the help of some recruitment agencies in Dubai, you can hire right people to look after your cyber security.

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