Commercial Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

//Commercial Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

Commercial Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

Building and maintaining a successful business requires time and effort. Protecting criminals, such as bad employees and internal theft, should not be so difficult. Whether you own a store, a multi-location business across the country, or warehouses around the world, investing in commercial security cameras and systems should be a top priority. Please be assured that you need to install the best monitoring solution on the market to meet your business security requirements.

Today’s CCTV cameras have multiple functions. One of the basic functions sought in any commercial security camera system is the remote viewing feature, which can be found without the monthly cost of a suitable vendor. Infrared night vision, wireless compatibility, wide viewing angle, HD recording, waterproof design and storage capacity are also important. Remote viewing is a way for business owners to watch live events on a variety of smartphones, PCs and tablets anytime, anywhere.

Easily secure your business from a remote location. If you’re looking for a camera on the market, you can use a simple guide to help you make the right choice.

Wireless commercial security cameras and smartphone remote viewing

Imagine – you have detected the move using a wireless CCTV camera in a store, parking lot or alley. When you are away from business or on a business trips, your security camera alert will appear on your phone. The next step is to see what happens to your business. This is how the security camera connected to the smartphone works. For business owners, it’s best to invest in a security camera to identify what happens to your business on the go.

How does it work?

To connect your wireless security camera to your smartphone and see what’s going on, you need a business security camera or system and monitoring app for your phone (Android or iOS). With a remote view, you can watch live video on your phone anytime, anywhere. Make sure that the security camera you purchase is compatible with your specific phone operating system and model.

  • Get connection permissions
  • To connect your security camera to your phone:
  • Install a wireless security camera phone app on your smartphone
  • Launch the phone app and add a wireless security camera.
  • Click on the security camera connected to your phone to watch live video surveillance
  • To meet your specific business monitoring needs, set up the required security configurations, such as notification frequency, upload path, and motion detection mode.

When you choose a business security camera while viewing your smartphone remotely, you can enjoy an excellent remote viewing experience because the mobile app is easy to use. You can also consider features such as easy-to-recognize image quality on faces and license plates, excellent night vision goggles that can be continuously monitored in the dark, enhanced two-way audio for threat protection, and network reliability for optimal performance.

Indoor and outdoor commercial security cameras

Perfect coverage is one of the most important security aspects of any business. Investing in commercial security camera systems is not just about getting the best out of it. If you are worried about being stolen when you are away from the office, or if you want to monitor your employees in an open workspace, installing a comprehensive HD security system can help you monitor critical areas that are more important. Most indoor/outdoor commercial security cameras are waterproof and rugged, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor environments.

Wireless security camera

With a wireless camera, you can install the entire system faster. Excellent night vision and HD video recording are essential for your remote camera to provide the best protection for your business. The higher the resolution, the clearer will be the images captured. Remote viewing of outdoor HD WiFi cameras provides extra eye access for easy monitoring of large outdoor areas.

PTZ security camera

To view the security camera more remotely, you must select both indoor and outdoor PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras. You can choose a POE camera that requires only one cable for power and data transfer, or a more convenient wireless remote security camera that can be found on any Internet-enabled device. With a PTZ camera, you can monitor large areas with a single business security camera. With the push of a button, you can remotely control the camera from anywhere in the world.

PTZ security cameras for fast viewing with fast panning, tilting speed and constant omnidirectional rotation allow you to quickly move and focus on other objects or people you are watching. Optical zoom lets you focus on details such as face and license plate. The beauty of this camera is that you can fully customize the settings to maximize coverage. Additional features such as color night vision and high-speed HD 4K recording enhance your real-time monitoring.

Purchase a complete remote video surveillance system

Every business has unique security requirements. For example, a large retailer with multiple stores needs a powerful commercial security camera system with excellent HD viewing and recording capabilities to easily monitor customer activity in and out of retail stores, and a wide-angle PTZ camera to monitor storage space. Whether you are a small business or a large business, you can easily find a business security camera system that suits your needs.

AllCAD Solutions provides a complete monitoring system that includes everything you need for reliable and effective monitoring, including single or multiple security cameras, NVR or DVR recorders, cables and connectors. Our security camera system is easy to install, easy to use, and has a variety of advanced security features. Find a variety of digital IP, analog and wireless commercial security cameras to find the right solution for your business.

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