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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offers 100% cloud controlled IT solutions. Solutions include Guest wifi solutions, Security cameras, Switching devices, VPN solutions and more.

Meraki Solutions

Cisco Meraki offers solutions for many fields such as Education, Networking for branch offices, Hospitality industry, Government offices, Retail, and Manufacturing industries.


Cisco Meraki offers solutions that provide built-in NAC, built-in mobile device management. Meraki offers an integrated package to onboard and manage your BYOD network. It also offers features such as automatic reporting, protection against virus and policy definition by device type.

High Density WiFi

Cisco Meraki offers excellent performance under high-density WiFi environments managing the interferences internally. Meraki offers Layer 7 traffic management and firewall police, data transfers upto 1.9 Gbps, Live and remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

Mobile Device Management

Cisco Meraki offers centralized management of mobile devices, Mac and PC’s all from a single dashboard. It’s easy to enforce policies, deploy software and perform live troubleshooting across thousands of devices remotely. Advanced features include security policy enforcement, content management on devices, and automatic device classification.

Location Analysis

Cisco Meraki offers locations analytics to display the real-time location statistics, this can be used to improve customer engagement and loyalty. This tool is built into Cisco AP at no additional cost, data is collected and is available on the Meraki dashboard. Collected data can be used to analyze visitor trend across places and the frequency of visits.


Software Defined WAN is used for network connectivity reducing the operational cost and improve resources usage. SD-WAN offers features such as Traffic distribution across multiple networks, Application optimization, Policy-based routing of traffic, Scalable VPN solution to connect to remote sites.

Malware Protection

Cisco Malware protection is one of the best solutions available in the current market, with the database of 500 Million + knows malware files that update every day keeping your systems safe from the latest malware attacks. It offers features like Automatic alerting on malware detection, easy management, Automatic threat detection.