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CCTV Camera Installation Dubai

AllCAD Solutions is the leading CCTV camera installation companies in Dubai providing cutting-edge security systems for your home, office, or other important premises. We provide our services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other areas across UAE.

We work to ensure you get the most advanced and optimum security surveillance in your office and home. Working with the most renowned CCTV solutions companies in Dubai, we offer you the finest and most advanced CCTV surveillance camera equipped with high-end features.

How we help you?

We help you with CCTV camera installation services, maintenance, support, and everything else you need to ensure the protection of your place. Being one of the most renowned CCTV installation companies in Dubai, we have a team of seasoned technical experts who help you with finding the right location of installation, selecting the most suitable CCTV cameras, installing them and maintaining them for optimum performance.


CCTV Surveillance 

In business, it is not possible to always monitor what is happening at a site. It is important to keep a watch on offices/construction site and any place where theft may be a concern. AllCAD IT Solutions is one of the leading CCTV installation companies in UAE that provides CCTV security camera system for your home or business needs. With the CCTV systems installed you will be able to remotely monitor specific areas via real-time video feed and also keep backup of past recordings.

We provide CCTV solution in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

Key Features

  • Night Time Recording – we provide solutions that help keep your security at alert at day and night time.

  • High definition – Allcad provides high-quality footage, so you can identify the suspects.

  • Wireless solutions – we also provide wireless solutions that may be used for home surveillance.

  • Weatherproof solutions – CCTV must be durable to withstand the harsh weather of UAE with occasional rainfalls. We provide weatherproof cameras for all time security.

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CCTV Solutions Advantages

Expert Installation

We have a team of expert technicians that look after the entire installation process, including CCTV mounting and connecting with PC / Mobile Phones / Tablets.

Remote Monitoring 

CCTV solutions provide the ability to remotely monitor your business or home so you can have peace of mind of what is happening at the locations. You can easily view the view on your laptop or mobile phones.

Better Productivity

Employees tend to be less engaged in unproductive activities during work time when they know that they are being monitored, thus providing more output.

Access Anywhere

We provide the access of your CCTV cameras to your Smartphone and Tablet, allowing you to access the CCTV cameras and recording from anywhere, any time.

Backup Videos

CCTV can do constant recordings of the areas if any issue arises in future, the recordings can be viewed from the past for reference.

Notifications / Alerts

Receive notifications on your phone and email based on the alerts set for intrusion detection. Recording can be conditionally done based on the movement recorded by the cameras.

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