CCTV Security System for Multi-location Businesses

//CCTV Security System for Multi-location Businesses

CCTV Security System for Multi-location Businesses

To get robust CCTV security system, full control, centralized visibility, instant alerts, rapid response and intelligent security analysis, companies in multiple locations (such as retail franchises, corporate offices and warehouses) require unique monitoring needs.

The technology to do all this work is a remote view. Business owners can easily view camera recordings from any computer, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. With the appropriate company-provided system, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to do this.

Business owners should invest in commercial CCTV security system designed and built for the continuous development and growth of their businesses. But before that, what do you need to ensure trustworthy security monitoring for your business in multiple locations?

This article describes how CCTV security system works in multiple locations and defines key components of a commercial-grade multiple-location video monitoring system.

How CCTV security system works in multiple locations

It is important to be able to check in at multiple locations. Even if you don’t have a security camera installed, you can’t work at the same time. Business owners can rest assured that they can remotely view security cameras from anywhere on the internet or from a central monitoring location.

Here’s a quick guide on how to monitor your security camera in multiple commercial franchise stores or offices.

  1. You should install all types of CCTV surveillance cameras in multiple locations. You may choose to install from analog, HD-Coax or IP cameras.
  2. You must install a DVR or an NVR for each location that needs to install a CCTV security system. The security camera for each location must be connected to a live NVR or DVR.
  3. Each surveillance recorder must be connected to internet and have a unique IP address and is connected to a remote monitoring device.
  4. The network configuration must be done correctly so that the central monitoring software can seamlessly connect to each recorder.
  5. The PC in the central monitoring location must be connected to the high-speed Internet and install central monitoring software. With a full CCTV camera installation, you can provide security monitoring for businesses in multiple locations, which is a simple process.

Key elements of a multiple-location video surveillance system

When purchasing a new CCTV security system, the company now offers a large number of customized services. The video surveillance system features functions such as automatic monitoring, color night vision, high-quality recording and motion sensors, making it easy to adjust a complete multi-location monitoring system to meet your business needs.

If you are investing in a commercial franchise or multi-location office security camera system, you need some key components:

Easy to monitor

In the past, multi-site monitoring was a complex task for companies operating in different locations. Employers must deal with the difficulty of investing in multiple people on multiple locations. This also means security camera viewing, monitoring video processing and system integration is more difficult. However, today’s innovative monitoring systems make monitoring business safer, more efficient, and more convenient.

AllCAD Solutions provides single, centralized monitoring software and a complete security system that allows you to view monitored video streams from multiple locations in an integrated view. Our video recorders offer enterprise-class storage capacity as well as advanced features that let you enjoy multi-site monitoring on your TV screen, computer monitor or various cameras on your smartphone. CMS can also customize multi-user authentication.

Monitor video recording and playback

Real-time monitoring is a part of the day-to-day work of businesses in many locations. With the right video surveillance solution, you can easily monitor all work inside and outside the enterprise and take the necessary steps to prevent security breaches. However, collecting video evidence of all events in multiple premises can be tough and cumbersome task. Through manual monitoring playback and search, manual franchising, multinational companies or global organizations are no longer viable.

To overcome this difficulty, AllCAD Solutions’ recorder not only supports real-time security camera viewing, but also supports surveillance video recording and playback. Built-in central monitoring software allows security teams or specific users to search and play back recorded surveillance videos from any monitored location. Enjoy a range of features designed to help you solve a variety of events, such as intrusions, to provide your business with a professional quality security monitoring solution.

Centralized system management

Despite the continuous development of today’s security monitoring solutions, most vendors are still unable to meet the diverse customer needs in the market. Therefore, most organizations offer the same level of security as other clients. Multi-site companies and franchisees are reluctant to install CCTV monitoring solutions due to the lack of dynamic solutions to meet specific needs. What these companies need is a commercial franchise system with a secure camera and centralized control.

With customizable options, AllCAD Solutions provides all your complete security monitoring systems as a centralized system for easy definition and assignment of user roles and permissions. The distributed architecture allows users to enjoy centralized configuration based on user login, controlled access and activity tracking. A multi-layered security monitoring solution for the enterprise provides a higher level of security for multi-site monitoring strategies.

Seamless integration

More multi-site information systems often turn to more integrated monitoring solutions to ensure better response end-to-end, faster response to events, delayed response, lack of coordinated behavior, and making informed decisions. We are turning to support multiple locations. Secure traditional non-integrated security system. All large organization or business franchise monitoring solutions operating in different locations should coordinate efforts to achieve common goals in business operations and asset protection.

AllCAD Solutions offers a comprehensive security camera system that seamlessly integrates and accesses devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. Using the core of this whole system in a centrally monitored location, business owners can access video from dedicated surveillance cameras anywhere and enjoy reliable security monitoring of their business.

Real-time notification

By identifying incidents and analyzing surveillance videos, you can manage and mitigate the damage that can occur from security incidents at various locations. But this is not sufficient. Event detection and flow analysis are key to real-time security monitoring. Existing multi-site surveillance systems can investigate incidents within a few hours of an incident, which has a real impact on the threat or incident response.

Today’s advanced security systems provide remote monitoring through real-time alerts. AllCAD Solutions will keep you informed via email, messages, push notifications and mobile app so you can keep track of what happens to your business location. These features enable you to respond quickly to security incidents, gather evidence for real-time prosecution, and enhance preventive security.

High-quality CCTV security system in Dubai

As the leading professional regulator and CCTV supplier in UAE, we offer commercial products that are trusted by more than 60,000 customers. For companies that need help in retail stores, enterprise security monitoring solutions that provide 64-channel surveillance systems or custom security systems for multinational companies are tailored to meet customer needs.

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