Thousands of CCTV cameras to make Dubai the safest city in the world

//Thousands of CCTV cameras to make Dubai the safest city in the world

Thousands of CCTV cameras to make Dubai the safest city in the world

Thanks to a new security project, Dubai police are immediately surprised in the eyes of Emirates. The project will link all of Emirates’ CCTV cameras to the security guard and make Dubai the safest city on earth.

Radar operating on Dubai’s roads is also connected to the system, so they can monitor traffic violations in the control room. The ‘Oyoon’ project is expected to involve government and semi-government agencies and the private sector.

Colonel Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police, said the project will use artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology to prevent and reduce crime. “The camera’s image will help cope with the emergency before it is reported to the police,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said.

Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, deputy criminal investigator, said the CCTV cameras Dubai detected the face using artificial intelligence and warned the police about the ongoing crime. “This will help the police respond quickly to emergencies.”

This system also helps reduce traffic violations in order to steal traffic police eyes on all of Emilate’s roads. Major-Zen Al Mansouri says: “The tens of thousands of CCTV cameras Dubai are unified and connected to the operating room of the police to prevent police officers from crime. To ensure the safety of all residents and visitors”

This project will help police make “quick and efficient” decisions. “Police do not have to physically exist locally for monitoring and analysis”

Dubai Police Chief, Abdullah Khalifa al-Marri, was elected as the chairmanship committee. There are a lot of people participating in the campaign including Dubai’s the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Road Traffic Bureau, Dubai Power Bureau and Dubai Smart Government Office. There are also representatives from the private sector.

“This project is carried out in cooperation with international companies in accordance with international standards,” said Brig Al Jallaf.

He said the Oyoon executive committee includes specialists who study the areas involved in the project to determine the kind of camera needed for each region. “Sub-committees are formed for crime surveillance, traffic violations, tourism issues, etc.”

General Director of Operations, Brigadier Kamil Batti said that the project is “very important” to strengthen police affairs. “Police can use cameras to monitor all areas, even if they are not everywhere”

He explained that if the project found a crime, he would see a warning sensor for the operating room.

How this project gives the police eye of the street

> Thousands of CCTV cameras Dubai and radars are connected to the police station

> Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology to prevent and reduce crime

> The camera can detect the face

> You can search for crime in progress

> Police can monitor 24-hour traffic violations through the system

> The camera’s network helps police determine the fastest route to the emergency site

Final Verdict:

Dubai is on the path to become the safest city in the world. In fact, the companies hiring candidates for Dubai also need to ensure their safety standards first. Contribute to this huge campaign – install CCTV cameras in your workplace and homes. Contact us today for best deals.

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