CCTV Camera Price in Dubai – Points to Consider

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CCTV Camera Price in Dubai – Points to Consider

We all have been there. We searched for and compared the CCTV camera price in Dubai and hope to find the right camera for the best budget.

The good news is that the CCTV cameras and security cameras are more affordable now, despite the fact that they are more advanced than before.

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Today’s article you will learn about the rough CCTV camera price in Dubai, along with common misunderstanding related to price components and things price that may affect CCTV camera price.

Security camera pricing component

First, you need to know the price of the security camera.

In other words, what is the hidden cost of the price of a security camera device?

In general, the price of a security camera system can be divided into:

  • Equipment prices. Only represents the price of the camera or system in the product price list.

In the next section, the security camera price list shows the user’s various device prices.

  • Installation fee. The average price of a CCTV camera installation Dubai can be very low or very high, depending on whether you are doing it yourself or hiring an expert.

In order to reduce the price of security cameras, even without technical knowledge, DIY CCTV cameras and systems are the cheapest option for direct installation.


If you need to hire a professional to deploy a security camera and system, there are mainly two ways the service fee is charged, project basis or hourly basis.

  • Cost of accessories. SD card, power extension cord, security camera accessories such as batteries also account for a portion of the total camera prices.

However, some of the top brands of security cameras offer free accessories for security cameras and even avoid additional costs.

  • Shipping and customs fees. If you want to buy a security camera from abroad online, the price can be different because of the different custom duties and shipping fees on security cameras.

In the case of free shipping, please be sure that the supplier offers free shipping in your area.

  • Professional monitoring service fees. The price of a security camera that uses monitoring services is relatively higher than the price used for self-monitoring.

Additional installation costs are $9.99 to $60 per month for 24/7 monitoring and alerting services.

In return, the cost of add-ons means you get better protection.

In an emergency, they can alert your local police or fire department in real time with a more secure camera system.

2018 CCTV camera price in Dubai – comparison chart

“Do you have an idea of ​​a security camera price? I think they change based on brand, location of purchasing, etc., but try to make the price range idea.

So we tell it is convenient to just look at the table for a special type of security system, instead of visiting a million different websites to create a camera price list to compare.

CCTV camera price in dubai

What factors affect the security camera price?

Security camera prices may vary from person to person. Here are some lists to help you find the right security camera system at the lowest cost.

  1. Brand

The price of a trusted home security camera brand is not always more than an unknown security camera brand, unlike the common belief.

Conversely, a reputable security camera brand regularly offers coupons, discounts and complimentary gifts.

To get information about guessing the price, you can subscribe to a security camera seller that can be trusted to follow on social media.

Reward: Read the following information carefully when you buy a security camera at an affordable price to learn more about saving tips.

  1. Camera type

You can see from the CCTV camera price list above that the camera type can also affect the ultimate price you pay.

Indoor and outdoor: Compared to indoor security cameras, the outdoor cameras typically offer a wider field of view and better visibility and durability to withstand wind and rain.

Therefore, it should be understood that the price of an indoor surveillance camera is generally not higher than the price of an outdoor camera.

Wired and wireless: The average cost of a WiFi security camera is about $100. And you don’t have to pay more to reduce installation costs. Another trick for installation is that the safety camera that runs without wires does not have to worry about the battery.

However, you will need to install a wired surveillance camera stamp and cable and place the catheter appropriately.

You may need to hire a professional to complete this tedious task. In addition, the cost of a wired security camera will undoubtedly increase if additional costs are incurred.

  1. Resolution

“You get what you pay for” also applies to HD security cameras.

The higher the resolution, the higher the price of the HD CCTV camera and the better the image quality.

This is a security camera 4K price is absolutely higher than the price of 720p / 1080p / 1440P.

High resolution means you need to invest a lot of money, but it’s better to get clearer image detail and high-resolution security cameras (at least 1080 or higher), especially to identify potential criminal suspects.

  1. Purchase channels

CCTV camera price in Dubai may vary depending on your specific purchase channel.

For example, if you buy a security camera from a local store or dealer or CCTV camera suppliers in Dubai, the main equipment cost and installation cost are included in the main price.

Or, if you want to buy an online platform, such as the seller’s official website or Amazon, eBay, you may need to pay custom duties, taxes and other fees charged by the credit card issuing bank.

Avoid these myths about the price of security cameras.

Never take the price of CCTV cameras for granted.

Here, we will provide practical tips on how to reveal the common misunderstanding of CCTV camera price in Dubai and choose the most affordable security camera.

  1. Security camera price ≠ final payment cost

If you read this article carefully, you will understand why I put it first.

As mentioned above, in addition to security camera price estimates, you also need to consider installation costs, shipping and tariffs, and accessory costs.

  1. Discount coupons are not always correct.

Buy high-resolution CCTV camera for 50% off – not very attractive?

Large discounts on advertising discounts can simply be part of the seller’s marketing plan.

Some dishonest sellers don’t get discounts by default because they can lower the price of security cameras at a higher price.

A good way to tell these tips is to use a price comparison website and application to compare the current price of your IP camera with the past price. Then you can see if you can make the best deal as advertised.

  1. Cheap security cameras for unknown brands are worth buying?

It’s hard to say that cheap security cameras from unknown brands are bad, but users often complain about poor quality, short life and technical support.

Yes, security cameras sold under unknown brands may be inexpensive.

But first, consider the purpose of buying a security camera.

When you need it most, you don’t want the camera to malfunction, and you don’t know who to rely on when something goes wrong.

So you need to invest in a reputable brand that can provide high quality products and better after-sales service.

  1. Can a fake security camera protect against thieves?

Some of you may be induced by cheap security camera prices, but shouldn’t you use it?

The truth is that skilled criminals can easily identify fake cameras, so the house hangs low enough to gain potential.

However, if you use a large number of affordable security cameras at a reasonable price (such as the security camera recommended above), I don’t think there is any reason not to install a real security camera.

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My question: So what are the other questions about the price of a security camera? Or what have we missed? We want to know your thoughts and ideas.

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