Why retail security is more important during holidays

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Retail crime is one of the biggest problems for supermarkets and small retailers in the marketplace, and it does not get any better due to the holidays. According to FaceFirst statistics, the US retail industry lost more than $45 million a year due to inventory depletion. From theft to internal stolen, fraud and organized retail crimes, [...]

Home Security Cameras – Everything you need to know

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Essentially, a security camera can provide a number of important security benefits to your family at unreasonable cost. Home security cameras are no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity to safeguard your family and valuables with a system that provides instant insight anywhere. Why should I install home security cameras? Home security cameras, of [...]

CCTV Camera Price in Dubai – Points to Consider

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We all have been there. We searched for and compared the CCTV camera price in Dubai and hope to find the right camera for the best budget. The good news is that the CCTV cameras and security cameras are more affordable now, despite the fact that they are more advanced than before. Today's article you will [...]

Security Fears in the field of Biometrics

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In order to highlight the concept of Biometrics Security Fears, one needs to answer the following questions: What is biometrics? What biometric information is being captured during the enrolment process? How is this information communicated to a centralised point? Where is this information being kept? What measures are in place to safeguard the biometric information being [...]

Residential CCTV Video surveillance systems for your home

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Let's start with the basics... Color vs. B&W cameras. At the very least, we recommend that a low light weatherproof Color camera (such as the KG-230EX) be used to watch the front of a house. Color residential video surveillance cameras can capture a full and accurate clothing and vehicle description of anyone who approaches your house. [...]

The Math Behind Home Security

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Home security is a booming industry, growing a little more every year, especially as crime has continued to increase in more recent years due to a failing economy and a wavering job market. Last year, UAE residents spent $28.2 billion on security products like alarms and motion-detecting sensors as well as CCTV Cameras. For what? Many [...]

Thousands of CCTV cameras to make Dubai the safest city in the world

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Thanks to a new security project, Dubai police are immediately surprised in the eyes of Emirates. The project will link all of Emirates' CCTV cameras to the security guard and make Dubai the safest city on earth. Radar operating on Dubai's roads is also connected to the system, so they can monitor traffic violations in the [...]