Do I need a CRM? Yes. No. Both. We’ve got the answer you don’t expect

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You may be wondering if you need a CRM system. Many small business owners are asking themselves. Well, the answer is simple. Especially the free CRM is very powerful now because it won't cost you. If you want to sell or expand your product or service to your customers, you need CRM. If your sales are [...]

The Best Gantt Chart Practices in Project Management

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Gantt chart is one of the most commonly used tools in project management, showing activities and clear goals based on actual time of action and exact time to completion. Unlike other methods, Gantt charts use visual methods to clearly show the time allocated to development and the next planning step, as well as future work. Like [...]

Sales Funnel Guide: 4 Keys to Success

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The sales channel (also known as marketing, purchasing, or revenue channel) is a graphical illustration of the overall journey that guides the customer into the customer. But the shape is not a coincidence. The term “sales” clearly indicates the nature of the process, but the “funnel” usually represents the principle of sales. Regardless of the proposal [...]

Introduction To Business Process Management

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Managing business processes (modern business terms) is critical to your business. Why? Companies can maximize profitability and gain more competitive advantage than their competitors. BPM enables you to quickly develop and deploy custom applications while quickly responding to changes in compliance, customer and market requirements. What does business process management mean? According to the UN, BPM [...]

Five Things to Do Before Migrating To a New CRM

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The transition between CRM systems is an important opportunity. This is exciting because it means your business is looking for new and better ways to improve now. But there are also concerns. Data migration is a delicate and complex process that always has problems. A customer relationship management system was created to support multiple users and [...]

Why Choose CRM for Accounting?

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We can romantically make everything we want, but the business world creates two simple things: customers and profits. It will always exist and how it will be preserved in the future. Fortunately, today's digital age provides us with a technology that can achieve these goals. Gartner Research predicts that in 2013, CRM will expand its market [...]

What Is Risk Management? A Simple Guide for PM Newbies

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They say what happens to your life when you are busy planning other things. But the business is the plan. As there are no effective projects without a clear risk management plan, quality cannot be guaranteed without pre-planned projects. What is important and why? Risk management should be a proactive and continuous process. By definition, it [...]

Customer Relationship Management 101: Get To Know the Most Used CRM Terms

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“Politeness will allow advertisers to walk,” James Cash Penney said in a purely entrepreneurial era. The idea behind his offer today is even more important. As our modern customers become more patient, decent accommodation becomes less important. But just expressing politeness is not enough. Speed, efficiency and availability are very important. Customers want every step to [...]

Why Customer Success is the Driving Engine for Growth: Overview

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Retention, income expansion, and volatility. When they are mentioned in any business environment, the response of the crowd is always consistent. A thriving company says it depends on a satisfied customer. This is a typical example of causality. In fact, if you are not satisfied, you will not succeed. But success should not be each other? [...]

How to Assemble A Customer Success Team From Scratch

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Bitrix24 has a big definition. Not because we prefer formalism, or because we are satisfied with civil servants, but because we think things should be simple and straightforward. In short, we want to know why before we solve it. We want to share. If our knowledge and experience are useful, we will succeed. To say that [...]

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