Why Emotional Intelligence Is a Key Success Factor in Business Today

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Scott and Margaret show two very different people. He was always in the office for the first time, and the last time she left, she was usually very late. The rest of the team admired her, but because Margaret was kind, respectful and easy to work with. Although genius is a good genius, unfortunately Scott does [...]

The Most Essential Rules of Customer Service Communication

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Customer success depends on many factors. Your product not only meets the customer's expectations, but all brand touch points are soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, we can't overcome the human factor, every company has to deal with unexpected mistakes, complaints and grumpy customers. This includes customer service communications. It is like adhesive, verbal or written, marking all [...]

5 CRM Trends To Look For in 2019

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CRM is constantly evolving. This is one of the fastest growing industries, bringing innovation and simplifying the lives of thousands of people and businesses. CRM is no longer considered an option. As more and more companies move to cloud-based CRM solutions, this trend will continue in 2019. CRM trends are heavily influenced by software industry trends. [...]

Firing an Employee: All Things You Need To Know

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Dismissal workers often bring certain difficulties to managers and businesses. This is usually the hardest part of the process. In terms of team health, business or business issues are emotional and not as important as the startup process. No one likes to fire someone. After all, we are social creatures, and maintaining a balanced relationship is [...]

The Future of Workforce Management: HR Evolution in 2019

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IBM research shows that the most successful CEOs view employees as an integral part of their organizational innovation strategy. They also understand that future trends and technologies provide an extraordinary opportunity for business development. Every company that clearly wants to succeed must adapt to the trend, including human resource trends. So what will the human resources [...]

How to Make 2019 The Most Productive Year For You and Your Team

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Have you seen a wonderful year, can you easily think that this is the best year of your life? Sometimes our best years are carefully planned. Other times, the amazing year is full of surprises. Unfortunately, we can't control the accident, but we can control the plan. Setting goals is an important part of starting and [...]

How To Create a Winning Landing Page

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The landing page is a great marketing tool. Unfortunately, companies usually don't use it properly. When you think about the time and effort involved in creating a landing page, be sure to do everything. If you can organize and manage your marketing campaigns (including landing pages) correctly, you can enjoy a steady stream of potential customers. [...]

Improving Employee Efficiency: Impossible Without Invading Their Privacy?

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What do you need to get people to work better and faster? This problem has been plagued by researchers and employers for many years and seems to have failed to find an answer. It is natural for humans to try to improve things. From wheel invention to car engine - nothing seems to be enough. There [...]

10 Project Management Methodologies You Should Know About

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The business is very tight. No matter what industry or market you are in, you must face some difficulties and make many mistakes. However, you can minimize errors by communicating with the right people. It's impossible to keep up with everything in the business growth phase, you will hire multiple contractors and teams. Or have an [...]

Your Guide to the Most Popular Business Pricing Models

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Starting a business today is easier than ever. The entry threshold is low and the business operation cost is almost zero. Due to the emergence of communication channels and lean software development processes, choosing a pricing model is more like day-to-day work than serious work. Most employers simply choose the pricing model they like and move [...]

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