CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai – Important Points to Consider

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CCTV camera installation Dubai If you put the CCTV bundle on the market for your home or small business, you make the right decision. The CCTV camera installation Dubai provides security and true peace. Whenever you rob or swindle your home or organization, CCTV video movies can help you distinguish between wrongdoing and thieves. The implementation [...]

Best CCTV Camera Suppliers in Dubai

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Investing in reliable CCTV security systems is essential, not luxury, because you need to keep your home and inventory secure. However, there are many things to consider when investing in CCTV cameras and finding CCTV camera suppliers in Dubai for overall system's efficiency and reliability. With a variety of CCTV kits, you can get everything you [...]

Access Control System Companies in Dubai

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Are you visiting this blog to find the best access control system companies in Dubai? If yes, then you are at the right place. AllCAD Solutions provides best access control system depending on your organization's needs and budget. There are many biometric access control and attendance system providers in Dubai, but only a handful of premium [...]

Daily Attendance System – The Tool for Better Attendance Management

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Fingerprint Reader and Field Enroller are two types of Access Control System which promote your custom applications with electronically personalized ID Card. Higher level security is assured with access control and daily attendance system at affordable prices with efficient authentication keys and IP based access control. Well, you can eliminate payroll inaccuracies through daily attendance system. [...]

Security Fears in the field of Biometrics

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In order to highlight the concept of Biometrics Security Fears, one needs to answer the following questions: What is biometrics? What biometric information is being captured during the enrolment process? How is this information communicated to a centralised point? Where is this information being kept? What measures are in place to safeguard the biometric information being [...]

All About Biometric Door Locks for Home and Corporate Use

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Biometric Door Locks, or the recognition of the identity of someone based on a biological aspect of a person, is actually a very old technology. We use biometrics everyday when we use the ‘computer’ that we call the human mind: for example, when we recognize someone by looking at his or her face, or when we [...]

Residential CCTV Video surveillance systems for your home

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Let's start with the basics... Color vs. B&W cameras. At the very least, we recommend that a low light weatherproof Color camera (such as the KG-230EX) be used to watch the front of a house. Color residential video surveillance cameras can capture a full and accurate clothing and vehicle description of anyone who approaches your house. [...]

How Do I Find Time and Attendance Hardware?

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This issue of time and attendance hardware is a huge deal. This article on time and attendance machine shows you can use just any time and attendance system, but why not use more advanced time and attendance hardware for your needs? When looking around for time and attendance system, be aware of what your unique and [...]

The Math Behind Home Security

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Home security is a booming industry, growing a little more every year, especially as crime has continued to increase in more recent years due to a failing economy and a wavering job market. Last year, UAE residents spent $28.2 billion on security products like alarms and motion-detecting sensors as well as CCTV Cameras. For what? Many [...]

Advantages of CCTV cameras for home, schools, offices and public places

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What are the advantages of CCTV cameras? What are CCTV cameras used for? How CCTV camera help us? Let’s get answers to all these questions in this post. CCTV cameras are a controversial subject, and privacy issues are constantly changing. However, CCTV cameras have caused controversy and are therefore a prerequisite for all small and large [...]

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