Powerful Tips to Ensure Workplace Safety

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Theft at work is more common than you realize (it costs you more). We are not talking about lunch. Cash, computers and even identity can be pulled from under the nose on the right side of the building, and its consequences can be destructive. Therefore, it becomes immensely important to follow some workplace safety tips and [...]

Switching from Manual to Automated Attendance Management System

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Aborting your manual attendance system and switching an automated attendance management system is a huge and complex process. Regardless of your company size, needs, or goals, automating time and attendance procedures can minimize errors, streamline processes, and reduce costs in long run. Here is a brief guide to find and install automated attendance system. This blog [...]

10 Reasons to use Hosted Telephony for Businesses

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In future, I strongly believe that more and more telephone conversations will happen over the internet since the traditional phones will be replaced by hosted telephony. Desktop phone systems, mobile phones and softphones are increasingly using the Internet. Fast background for hosted phones Hosted phones exists around us since the 1960s. It has been running on [...]

10 Tips for Buying a CCTV Camera

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If you are in a home for small business or a CCTV package market it is definitely the right option. CCTV cameras provide security and security. CCTV videotapes can help identify crimes and crimes when thieves or gangs are targeting homes or businesses. In particular, a survey of cities with a risk of crime shows that [...]

VoIP softphone Versus IP Phones

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VoIP stands for "Internet Protocol Voice," and software and hardware phones allow users to make calls using the Internet. If you want to use VoIP services for business or personal use, but don’t know the terminology associated with this technology, our previous blog post, "The Beginner’s Guide to IP Telephony" would be helpful. This blog will [...]

What is Attendance Management System?

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Tracking employee attendance is precious to your company's productivity and reputation. Basically, attendance is defined as if someone is at work. But how do you track it? Implement well-defined strategies and attendance management software. First, let's define the meaning of attendance management system. Definition: Attendance Management System Employee attendance management system software at work minimizes losses [...]

10 Important Features of a Biometric Attendance System

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The biometric attendance system will play an important role in employee attendance management, payroll generation, and monthly attendance reports. Human resources play a vital role in helping managers create effective, performance-based staff reports. You can also help in predicting possible growth strategies for payroll. But what is the feature that will help biometric time attendance system? [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to IP Telephony

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When converting your business phone service to a VoIP phone service, some of your office staff may need to use IP phone systems to know what to start and why it is important to your business. This article provides an overview of IP telephony for beginners, differences from landline phones, and why IP phone systems are [...]

5 Commercial IP Telephony Trends to Watch

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Through a number of consulting and survey interviews, IT architects have found that there are 5 trends in commercial IP telephony that determine how to handle communications. Unified Communications (UC) While this may be a bit confusing, unified communication is basically a combination of various communication applications and a variety of collaboration services. Generally, UC means [...]

5 Steps to determine your Access Control System

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If your company is growing rapidly, moving to a new office or upgrading an existing system, it is much easier to use an access control system in the office. A simple “Order and Finish” task can initially be exploded into a full-time task. What if a new employee can't come in? What should I do if [...]

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