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10 Important Features of a Biometric Attendance System

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The biometric attendance system will play an important role in employee attendance management, payroll generation, and monthly attendance reports. Human resources play a vital role in helping managers create effective, performance-based staff reports. You can also help in predicting possible growth strategies for payroll. But what is the feature that will help biometric time attendance system? [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to IP Telephony Systems

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When converting your business phone service to a VoIP phone service, some of your office staff may need to use IP Telephony Systems to know what to start and why it is important to your business. This article provides an overview of IP telephony for beginners, differences from landline phones, and why IP Telephony Systems are [...]

8 Benefits of Managed WiFi Solutions for Businesses

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Many companies in managing Wi-Fi solutions entrust IT management to offshore wireless network solution provider. This is less than the cost of maintaining in-house IT staff. Office WiFi is equally important in everyday IT work. If so, why are not more companies choosing managed WiFi solutions? They do not know whether this is an option. A [...]