What is Attendance Management System?

//What is Attendance Management System?

What is Attendance Management System?

Tracking employee attendance is precious to your company’s productivity and reputation. Basically, attendance is defined as if someone is at work. But how do you track it? Implement well-defined strategies and attendance management system.

First, let’s define the meaning of attendance management system.

Definition: Attendance Management System

Employee attendance management system software at work minimizes losses due to employee absences. Active attendance management strategies rely on motivation and awareness, effective employee management and transparency in communication.

The attendance monitoring system clearly describes when employees work, especially hourly or non-distributed employees. This is very important for people who do not often need employees who need to be able to serve their clients. This system is also helpful for Sales Force Automation as it may keep a good track of people working in the field.

Obsolete attendance management system

Without attendance management systems or attendance punching machine, it is difficult to accurately capture this information. The usual method is to capture it in an Excel worksheet or in the actual attendance log. They are prone to human error and are no longer used when capturing correct attendance for different shifts.

The main challenges faced by small businesses

On a typical payroll deadline, you must manually collect, organize, and verify attendance details for all employees (as human resource management or salaried personnel). Collecting large amounts of data every month is always painful because it can lead to human error. Sometimes attendance may be inaccurate or uncertain, which may result in employee dissatisfaction.

The main challenges faced by SMEs will be:

  • Attendance log: Most of them do not provide exact data. You do not want to calculate the actual attendance record or punch card of the attendance management system. Keeping these time cards and punches and manually calculating overtime consumes time. This problem can be easily solved with attendance management software!
  • Excel sheets: A large number of small and medium-sized businesses use Excel worksheets to display and capture employee attendance. Capturing on Excel worksheets is prone to human error and requires a great deal of time and efforts to maintain and update monthly working hours. This issue can be solved with attendance management system!
  • Attendance detection through a biometric device: Some small businesses may rely on ensuring attendance at their office card or biometric fingerprint attendance system. But this requires them to purchase and maintain:
    • Many third-party hardware devices like biometric or ID card readers
    • Internal wiring
    • Associated server and
    • Set up an IP network (for authentication).
    • This installation and maintenance (via AMC) is a huge expense that you can easily avoid.
  • Multiple attendance management software can cause confusion. What if one of your office locations manually records attendance based on the register? What happens if I use an Excel worksheet elsewhere to display/capture attendance? This situation creates difficulties every shift per month. You must organize, compile, maintain and verify accurate and reliable attendance from different sources. This can result in multiple calculations and double checks.
  • On-site staff attendance issues: Some SMEs have onsite staff. For example, you are not at the customer’s location. In this case, you will not be able to use the third-party attendance system to collect employee attendance data.

Advantages of attendance management system

  • Employees and managers access the employee portal to apply, track, review, approve or reject leave applications.
  • Administrators can check commute times for a specific time period and see which team members have timed out. Attendance details are captured and displayed in real time and will not be processed at the end of the day, week or month.
  • Administrators can add or edit shifts for team members.
  • In the attendance monitoring system, the administrator can approve or reject the attendance standardization request of the team members.
  • Use GPS-based attendance management system to track mobile or field personnel attendance without relying on customer SPOCs or biometric devices.
  • Employees and administrators can relax and need not to worry about the accuracy of attendance. Instead of wasting time and effort recording and email attendance details, approval and follow-up, you can focus on completing projects and tasks.
  • Real-time attendance monitoring system allows you to see who is at a remote location!
  • Based on accurate real-time attendance data, time management issues can be easily resolved between managers and employees. Administrators and team members can delete all paperwork and emails about the clarity and question of attendance because the attendance management system displays accurate and reliable data.
  • The attendance system is very good, so you can alert the administrator in real time at the beginning or end of the swipes. These alerts enable administrators to resolve their early attendance issues before it become a major issue.

AllCAD IT Solutions’ attendance management system provides all of these benefits due to the many features it provides. Customers in Dubai and India like the Attendance Management System, which is integrated with the Payroll module and can experience payroll processing with a single click.

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