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Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control system is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to your resources. Biometrix access relies on the unique fingerprint of each person using the access control. Biometric fingerprint attendance system can be configured to allow access to particular users at a particular time based on their roles in the company; you may not allow your junior staff to enter after 6 pm but you top management people can enter at any time.


Keycard Access Control

Keycard access control is mainly used in hotels and offices. Keycard can be issued to guest at check-in and deactivated upon checkout.

There are two types of keycard access control available

  1. Mag Strip solutions – These card consist of magnetic strip that needs to be swiped to access the data.They are more cost-effective.
  2. RFID based access control systems, these are expensive but more reliable.