Access Control System Companies in Dubai

//Access Control System Companies in Dubai

Access Control System Companies in Dubai

Are you visiting this blog to find the best access control system companies in Dubai? If yes, then you are at the right place. AllCAD Solutions provides best access control system depending on your organization’s needs and budget. There are many biometric access control and attendance system providers in Dubai, but only a handful of premium product distributors are available. AllCAD Solutions is proud to be one of them.

All sales and technical staff are experienced and self-disciplined to provide the best service and make you happy. What more, our after-sales service is the best in Gulf Cooperation and all Middle East countries. Yes, it’s time to contact us to get the best products at best price.

Best price? Yes! All biometric products offer stable discounts. Whether it is HID, Invixium, Morpho, ZK, Iris ID, Farpointe or other products we will give you peace of mind.

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Every business and family has unique security requirements. Our field surveys can help you design the right products for your needs so you can easily understand that your valuables are safe. Apparently, all of our access control systems can operate independently or be integrated into a wide range of building safety control systems.

Being one of the most reputed access control system companies in Dubai, we also provide high security facilities that require population, collection lists, return prevention, dual card entry or interlocking doors.

We can also help you install access control systems using the latest technology, be it standalone or integrated. We also provide various cards and ID printers.

Computer Access Control System Companies in Dubai:

Common access controls in computer security include authorization, authentication, access authorization, and auditing. Because the narrower definition of access control covers only access approvals, the system decides based on which entities have access to allow or deny access requests from authenticated targets. With this, authentication and access control are typically combined into a single operation to authorize access based on a successful authentication or anonymous access token.

The following is a list of excellent products with high security features, a list of access control products we are working on.


morpho access control systems

hid access control system

farpointe access control system


An access control system that meets all needs, all environments

Looking for access control system companies in Dubai that provides convenient access security for unauthorized employees? Do you want to control who enters your storage room? Do you need to monitor the entry of suppliers and visitors, or track access to regular or sensitive areas? Looking for a system with an audit trail that can be used for timesheets or salaries? AllCAD Solutions offers comprehensive services to meet a wide range of needs and situations.

We are one of the leading integrated access control systems and attendance machines in UAE. We offer a wide range of card readers, such as smart cards, UHF and biometric readers, as well as various controllers and software packages.

Our access control system solutions can be integral to the overall security system if you want to limit specific areas of a person, restrict access to certain areas, monitor a building, or protect access to inventory and supply rooms. There is. Part of it.

Benefits of access control system

Ensure safety of your employees, visitors, and contractors.

– Protect your employees, facilities, networks and assets with a comprehensive HID Global access control system.

Find out who’s in my building.

– Identify employees, manage access levels, and meet regulatory compliance goals.

Secure sensitive areas.

– Solutions designed to protect facilities that require stronger security, critical data, networks and key assets or high value assets.

Manage your commercial vehicle gas station visits.

– RFID supports fueling automation systems to monitor and control fuel access, cost and billing for commercial vehicles.

Access control is a mechanism that manages access by authorizing or revoking the rights of assets within an organization. Whatever your requirements, we offer small and medium sized organizations to everyone.

Tips for buying an access control system for your business

Demand for access control systems is growing in Dubai, and all types of access control system companies in Dubai are evolving to help protect businesses from unwelcome visitors.

You can choose a biometric scanner or keep a fingerprint lock. Attendance systems are popular because they only help the right people to access during the designated working hours.

The system that’s right for your business depends a lot on your business type, time of operation, and budget. The following points need to be considered when trying to find the right system.

  1. Who should visit?

Does your business have to work overtime? How about the housekeeper who needs to move in after the employee leaves for home? When non-working hours staff need to know the time of fading, the frequency of visitors and the time period they can stay are considered.

It should be a system that carefully monitors whatever content you choose and provides appropriate alerts at any time.

  1. How many locations you want to secure?

Most access control systems are capable of monitoring multiple locations simultaneously, but the more access points, the higher the risk.

Systems that include inventory, office and employee areas may require more advanced security monitoring.

  1. What kind of reporting function do you need?

Do you need standard, custom or real-time reporting?

For non-cognitive people, reports often seem like a distorted mess, so you can create a report that is easy to read on your system and doesn’t require a lot of translation training.

The system should be able to easily generate reports when needed.

  1. Does your system provide real-time alerts?

If you do not report maintenance requirements, system processes, intrusions and other warnings in a timely manner, the security system is not very good.

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There are many options for a security system and there are many access control system companies in Dubai, so it’s hard to understand everything. However, business security is important, so it’s best for experts to advise and install the best system for your business. You can find all the professional security systems you need at AllCAD Solutions.

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