5 Things You Can Automate with the Help of CRM

//5 Things You Can Automate with the Help of CRM

5 Things You Can Automate with the Help of CRM

Finding ways to increase efficiency and save hourly expenses is the two main business challenges you face every day. Without profit, you cannot lead a successful business. Controlling spending (including time commitments) is an important part of building a financially sound company. Finding ways to save time and speed up work is called business automation, and with the advent of technology, business automation is booming around the world.

There are thousands of ways and tools to make things faster and smarter. However, many companies have found a way to automate high-volume processes, but usually only a little improvement is needed, which can greatly improve efficiency. In this article, let’s take a look at all the small ways to automate your business with CRM. You may think that your business is fully automated, but there are steps you can take to improve your workplace.

  1. Appointment reminder

Are you maximizing profits while providing a complete customer experience? An appointment reminder is a letter and email from a team member who sent it to you or made an appointment. Reminders help customers remember their scheduled time and date and help them avoid downtime.

Appointment reminders are especially useful for service companies such as clinics, beauty salons and gagrooms. Appointment notifications allow customers to increase their personal attention and pay for it all the time. For business types that suffer huge losses due to missed appointments, appointment reminders can be part of a business process. When you automatically perform an appointment reminder in CRM, the customer will notify you of the promised appointment without user input. CRM helps customers move to the right place at the right time while focusing on the best parts.

  1. Callback request

Another thing you can automate is the callback request. If the customer makes a lazy contact or fills out a contact form, you can ask them to request a callback. This is a quick and easy way to get potential leads and save time for our customers. The callback request is not in the company’s shared inbox, but is sent directly to your manager, so you can take the initiative when you are interested, without wasting valuable time.

Set up callback requests on your website in just a few minutes. No technical skills are required. Callback requests make customers feel concerned by always giving the impression that the customer is always there.

  1. Regular invoice

If you have a retention contract or a regular operation, you can set up CRM to issue an automatic periodic invoice. By repeating invoices, you can save time and always deposit money into your bank. As more and more people start their own businesses, recurring bills have become an integral part of the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

With duplicate invoices, you don’t have to waste time creating duplicate invoices and repeating the same information. In addition, you can earn some spirit by repeating invoices. Once you have set up a regular invoice, you can forget about this part of customer service and focus on what really matters. Regular invoices help ensure one hour of work time. You won’t forget to resend the invoice.

  1. Reactivate the customer

Sometimes I think the opportunity has disappeared. Client reactivation is the reconnection of past or inactive clients. The customer bought it once, but it is no longer coming back? Or do you offer new products that you think might be of interest to existing customers?

The idea of ​​remarketing is based on the premise that the human brain can easily accept new rather than new ones. Therefore, when the customer may not have stored the customer information in a one-time purchase, or contact the customer’s customer, but the heart is unconsciously stored in the information, the next time you contact the customer, you will have the opportunity to have a good brand. With Bitrix24, customers can sort and rejoin in email order. Alternatively, you can link your Google AdWords and Facebook advertising accounts to CRM and serve remarketing ads to selected customer groups.

  1. Repeated tasks

When achieving a common goal, the team must be on the same page. If team members miss the deadline and jeopardize the fate of the entire project, you need to be a better project manager or a tool for project management. You can automate the task creation process using Bitrix24‘s iterative feature. Simply create a task, enable repeat options, set the frequency of recurring tasks, and assign tasks to responsible users.

Regular tasks eliminate the need to follow up on scheduled tasks and notify people. Payroll management and taxation are related to other team members and must be completed monthly. Repetitive task functions associated with these projects and tasks can partially offset the burden of project management.


Automation is to eliminate and make complex and redundant steps in business workflows easier. This step can be done manually when you strategically decide which steps to remove or ignore, but you can also complete this step with technology.

But making the most of technology is a daunting task. Your CRM offers a variety of ways to automate your business, making it easy to get lost and be confused by many features. In this case, it is important to learn more about CRM automation as well as experimentation and learning. Fortunately, this article will give you some tips on how to get the most out of Bitrix24 automation.

Bitrix24 is a free CRM solution with over 20 sales and marketing tools. It is equipped with Omni Channel Contact Center, Gantt chart, document management and task collaboration tools.


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