5 Steps to determine your Access Control System

//5 Steps to determine your Access Control System

5 Steps to determine your Access Control System

If your company is growing rapidly, moving to a new office or upgrading an existing system, it is much easier to use an access control system in the office. A simple “Order and Finish” task can initially be exploded into a full-time task. What if a new employee can’t come in? What should I do if my new lock doesn’t work? To avoid headaches, use the following five steps to determine your new access control system.

1) Evaluate the environment and the door.

  • Is the door wood, metal or glass? This will help you determine the type of lock you can install.
  • How many doors do you want to manage? Do you really need to use the back door on your access control, or the door that you don’t use often?
  • Can all of the doors be connected to an IT cabinet? Be careful of the distance and where the wires can be operated.
  • Is there another floor in the office? If so, we recommend that you use wires to connect the two floors to save installation expenses. Otherwise, you may need to install two access control.
  • Is there a local supplier installing the door? Ordinary doors are not equipped with an electronic access infrastructure. Don’t try to provide everything from one vendor here.

2) Define Access Control System Policies

  • Do you always lock or always open the door during working hours?
  • How many people should be close to space? How often do these changes occur, and how often do people add?
  • Do managers, employees and interns have various access roles?

3) Define the scope of the project

  • What is the ideal time limit for installing an access control? Consider strict deadlines, such as signed leases or scheduled move dates.
  • What is your budget for the access control system? If you don’t have an access control infrastructure at present, the average cost of the installing keypad access control is about $800 to $1,800. Or a magnetic lock with a pin cushion is about $1,500 to $3,000. If you order these parts from AllCAD Solutions, you can reduce the cost. Always use the highest quality hardware from your brand. Ultimately this is the security of your office. Long-term trimming can cause damage.
  • Is aesthetics important to you? If so, you can tell the installer to choose a copper-plated safety lock to match the door frame.
  • **Important ** Who is managing the installation project? You can be the manager, but what if someone has to stop the installation at 6:30 in the office? Are you going there? If you are unable to meet these requirements, you will need to delegate the role.

Who will install and manage the system? This is the person who manages the server and computer. Most of them are IT managers. Office managers can assume this technical position in a small business. However, in general, the people who manage the system are different from those who set up the IT infrastructure.

4) Select a supplier

  • Google Search You may want “Security Integrator”, “Security System”, “Access Control Installation” and you will easily find the best Access Control Installation Company.
  • Read Yelp’s comments before contacting the supplier.
  • Ask a friend who works in another office/small business in your area which vendor they are using. Personal advice is usually the best.
  • Investigate a manufacturer or other manufacturer to identify integrators you like or work in your area. Sometimes you have a target audience and can’t easily find on Google.

5) Get quotation from the supplier.

  • The last step is usually the first step you want. Understand its cost.
  • Do this before 2-3 weeks of installation. This will allow the supplier to visit your office and make informed decisions.

Based on this list, you can avoid many hassles and frustrations when choosing the access control system. What are the obstacles to planning an access control system? Please comment below!

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