5 CRM Trends To Look For in 2019

//5 CRM Trends To Look For in 2019

5 CRM Trends To Look For in 2019

CRM is constantly evolving. This is one of the fastest growing industries, bringing innovation and simplifying the lives of thousands of people and businesses.

CRM is no longer considered an option. As more and more companies move to cloud-based CRM solutions, this trend will continue in 2019.

CRM trends are heavily influenced by software industry trends. Kevin Kelly defined it in the book “Unavoidable: Understanding 12 Technologies to Form Our Future.” The author outlines the future of technology and its impact on our lives. Interaction, perception, mobility, screening, acquisition, sharing, filters, mixing, tracking 12 issues has become a trend that has revolutionized the way we live and work. CRM trends follow the same defined pattern on a small scale.

In the use of CRM in your business, you want to know the latest developments in the following industries is a list of key CRM trends in 2019.

  1. Automatic identification

With hundreds of jobs in the list, CRM wants to speed up the process and make it easier to get the job done.

Cookies are the first step in automatic identification. They provide marketers with a unique opportunity to promote their products to their target audience. However, automatic recognition does not stop there. In 2019, CRM will focus on optimizing processes and improving the customer experience. This is done by automatic identification, which means that the actual people and data in the CRM are immediately in front of the user.

For example, one of the automatic recognition functions that have been implemented is the Bitrix24 face recognition system. This system allows you to track returning visitors without lifting your finger. The face recognition system simply contrasts with the face of the customer who has captured the photo in real time in the system.

  1. Robotics and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will infiltrate all issues, and CRM will be the first industry to be affected by AI expansion. AI can help you personalize your experience and greatly reduce your data entry effort.

At the same time, AI will provide new finishing and analysis capabilities to wait for a long time to be considered a huge amount of data into daily CRM. Then there is a comprehensive social media AI mechanism that collects data from all kinds of resources, including police reports and court records.

Integrating various robots into the customer experience is another trend in 2019. Businesses often lack the budget and resources needed to maintain a comprehensive sales and customer service department that can reduce costs. Robots will come to the forefront and you can build a more efficient process in order to optimize your business.

The charm of the chat bot is obvious. They provide a personalized experience and reduce business costs. But before that there will be a chat bot that provides emotional support, as well as executives without development, support and service functions that replace human equality and true interpersonal relationships around 2019.

  1. Omnichannel CRM

The information overload problem of 2019 will bring unprecedented risks to every enterprise. From a customer’s perspective, there are many similar products to choose from that are more difficult than ever. From a business perspective, it is almost impossible to track the number of communication channels with customers and provide a high level of customer service. This is omni-channel CRM to save a day.

Most CRMs have access to information from a variety of sources, but more sources have been added in 2019. In addition, despite the increasing consumption of information, CRM is expected to manage information based on customer expectations. Customers can use preferred channels, and sales and customer service agents can collect information in one place. This unified approach enables a superior customer experience and centralized information management.

  1. Automatic CRM population

Most sales and marketing people have difficulty entering data into CRM. They don’t have enough time or can’t use all the data at all.

Most of the CRM areas in 2019 will come from CRM itself. The CRM provided by the AI ​​can complete the project by importing data from other resources before starting the input.

It’s very similar to Google Search, providing precise advice when you type items in the search box, so CRM recognizes your intent and enters the correct text, text, phone and location information.

In addition, the CRM feature provides an opportunity to automatically populate certain fields between different departments. For example, if you start with an audience and upgrade your audience to the next level (such as a potential customer), CRM fills in some fields without performing repetitive tasks.

  1. Improve the availability of CRM solutions

Small businesses have been waiting for cost-effective CRM solutions. 2019 may be a year of small business software solutions.

From affordable subscription packages to unique small business CRM solutions, small business owners can get more choices. However, CRM companies cannot simplify their products. Instead, small businesses need their own custom solutions.

It is not right to call small business CRM a “primary” solution. Because small businesses are typically run by a single person, CRM is expected to include an intuitive interface, sophisticated notification systems, and various automation features. CRM is difficult to create tools that provide personal assistant-level services, and the cost is only a small part of it.


As the market expands, CRM companies will face greater pressure to meet the growing demand for security and customer experience.

But no matter how CRM develops, every change will lead to an important theme that requires business rules – the customer experience. Competition and access to online media reinforce this trend, making the customer experience a top priority for all small and large businesses.

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