10 Important Features of a Biometric Attendance System

//10 Important Features of a Biometric Attendance System

10 Important Features of a Biometric Attendance System

The biometric attendance system will play an important role in employee attendance management, payroll generation, and monthly attendance reports. Human resources play a vital role in helping managers create effective, performance-based staff reports. You can also help in predicting possible growth strategies for payroll.

But what is the feature that will help biometric time attendance system? A successful biometric attendance machine depends on a number of factors. Biometric attendance system software and web portal or employee attendance tracker back-end system technical specifications play a key role in personnel management.

HR personnel must choose a biometric employee attendance system, depending on your performance evaluation method and corporate policy requirements. Different companies have different human resource policies. Therefore, HR personnel must provide comprehensive counseling, understand their responsibilities and choose the perfect employee attendance software.

10 important features of any biometric attendance device

  1. Registration time

The key to registering time for a fingerprint attendance machine is to implement a healthy fingerprint based attendance system. A time of less than 3 seconds is preferred. For fingerprint attendance system procurement, equipment must register fingerprints and data as quickly as possible to the server.

  1. Fingerprint template capacity

Another important thing to consider when purchasing fingerprint attendance machine. The fingerprint template capacity indicates the time when the number of needle punches is imprinted. All fingerprint attendance system template capacity greater than 200 is preferred. We must consider the number of employees, especially in buildings and stores.

  1. Battery backup

In the IT industry, the average working time is nine hours. Therefore, HR managers need to analyze the requirements before purchasing a biometric attendance management software. There are two types of biometric devices: one is connected to the computer system by wires, and the other is a wireless attendance monitoring system. Wi-Fi operation in wireless systems is an important factor in determining battery backup needs. In general, in a preferred attendance punching machine, the battery backup time is more than 6 hours.

  1. Application support

Participants in the mobile application dashboard should be able to report to the manager, and the application of the HR supervisor is a direct function of the department can be a very big role. Use biometric attendance software to check results anywhere, and you can inform the results to relevant work. GPS-enabled applications can also help identify who is on the job. This is especially important for companies that have employees working in different locations. Application support is also useful for managing employees effectively.

  1. Maintenance free

The market will be full of biometric attendance systems and low quality attendance solutions. High quality biometric solutions cost no maintenance costs during the warranty period. Therefore, it is recommended that the maintenance cost is low for biometric attendance, and you only purchase the machine at the best biometric attendance system price. Now the best way to decide on these things is to double-check the customer reviews and determine if the biometric device is under warranty.

  1. Web portal support

This is the most important criteria you need to check to purchase a biometric fingerprint attendance system. Attendance reports, portals, payroll, check-in and check-out staff are a big advantage. A typical high quality attendance management software includes the following features. Some of the features in fingerprinting or face recognition attendance system are the ability to access custom reports in real time. This report helps identify employees who appear at the month end.

  1. GPS for employee tracking

Simple attendance monitoring system supports GPS. As mentioned earlier, this feature is very useful for companies that need to track employees in real time. The best employee attendance management system usually helps with 360-degree tracking, and GPS is the preferred feature.

  1. Payroll management dashboard

Customized payroll management software for employee attendance system helps you fully understand the progress made in attendance management. Easy access to employee attendance data helps make accurate decisions at the month end. It also helps you get the best performance information and assign those resources to your most important projects. These custom dashboards increase the transparency and efficiency of employee management.

  1. Wi-Fi connections

Wi-Fi connections have two advantages. First, you don’t need physical media because you are directly connected to your personal computer. Second, it is easier to operate the employee attendance software. For advanced organizations that prefer a free solution without interruption, the ease of use of the operating system is critical.

  1. SMS notification of check-in/check-out status

SMS notifications in and out of the state are important for biometric time attendance system. This feature is especially important for educational institutes that need to customize functionality in student attendance management. This feature is also important for organizations with multiple agents in a particular niche market.

Therefore, they play an important role in effective employee management. The best biometric attendance machine should have all of these features. When purchasing a biometric attendance system software, we need to find a complete system that meets all the requirements of the organization.


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