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IT Solutions Dubai

Being one of the best IT companies in Dubai, AllCAD Solutions provides services and solutions for the enhancement of your IT infrastructure. Right from infrastructure establishment to IT security, networking, cloud computing and website development, we provide a wide range of solutions required to establish your business identity.

AllCAD Solution is a renowned IT service provider in Dubai with an experience of over 10 years in the industry. Since many years, we have helped businesses with their establishment requirements. In today’s competitive world, businesses need to focus more on their infrastructure than anything else. At the same time, the strict rules and regulations of Dubai ask them to ensure the safety of their people, data, and business entities. Keeping these things in mind, we help IT services companies in Dubai to keep an eye on their day-to-day activities, as well as maintaining the strong footprint on the business world.

Why Choose AllCAD Solutions?

Our IT Services

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing services provide many advantages to IT companies in Dubai such as saving money and time. Cloud computing has many aspects such as virtualization, cloud storage and collaboration among team members. These can be implemented using VMware, Azure among others.

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Security Solutions

Our aim is to help IT companies in Dubai UAE protect their data by way of establishing security intelligence as an integral part of the infrastructure. We implement end to end security ie: at the hardware level with the help of firewalls and at software level with anti-virus and malware protection.

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IT Infrastructure

With the growing demand for advanced computing, the requirement for infrastructure is also increasing. AllCAD helps IT companies in UAE in analyzing and installing and maintaining the appropriate solutions such as cabling, routers, switches, CCTV surveillance and access control system.

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Web Development

We can help you develop a website to expand your brand awareness or create full-fledged cloud applications to host your online marketplace or other business needs. We have expertise in latest technology such as Angular, React, .NET, Bootstrap and many more.

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Enterprise ICT

AllCAD provides a one-stop solution for all your ICT and Cloud solution needs ranging from Structured cabling, server configuration, and set up to the deployment of applications on your server.

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Professional Services

Avail our professional service ranging from annual maintenance contract (AMC) for your IT infrastructure. We also provide contract staffing of experts in the following domain, IT Support, Software development, Computer Aided Design (CAD).

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